How to set up a TV tuner on a TV?

The TV tuner is used to process broadcast signals in the most various types of transmission of the aforementioned image output devices. Such a device will allow you to watch different channels in excellent quality. Most modern TV models are equipped with similar technologies. If it happened that you do not have such a TV, do not rush to purchase it. A TV tuner can always be bought and connected. These devices have different parameters and price, but the principle of configuration is the same. So how to set up a TV tuner on a TV? We will deal with this process in this article, will it be complicated?

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Configuring an “external” device

To install you will need:

  • TV itself;
  • remote controls from it and “set-top boxes”;
  • an antenna, which can be an ordinary indoor.

To configure a TV tuner on a TV, do the following:

  1. First, make sure the integrity of the device that you purchased. Install the batteries in the control panel, make sure that it works correctly.
  2. Find the right place to install your tuner. Connect the antenna to the corresponding connector on the console.
  3. Connect the components with the cord (tulip) provided.
  4. Power up.
  5. Plug the TV into a power outlet.
  6. Go to the menu using the remote control for the tuner, select “Search for channels” and confirm your actions with the “OK” key.

The device will cope further. And if you want to watch TV on two TVs, find out in our separate post “How to connect Tricolor to two TVs from one receiver?”.

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Setting up the LG built-in tuner

How to set up a TV tuner on an LG TV? Nothing complicated! It is not necessary to call a master for a large sum of money to carry out such a simple procedure. Just follow the detailed instructions.

We classify the configuration of the built-in modules according to two criteria: fast and long. Which method is best suited depends on the device model.

Important! Want to tune digital channels on your TV, but don’t know how to do this? A separate review on our site of useful tips will help you with this. Follow the link “How to set up digital channels on a Samsung TV through an antenna?”.

Quick way:

  • Go to the website of the TV company that provides communication services in your area.
  • Here you can find the parameters that you will need to configure.
  • In the settings, find the “Channels” menu.
  • Find and set the “Cable TV” mode - this will change the type of reception.

Important! This paragraph of the instruction may not meet the requirements of your model. If a problem arises, then you should familiarize yourself with it in the attached documentation.

  • Look for “Manual tuning” and select it.
  • In the window that opened in front of you, set the parameters that you saw on the site.
  • Run the search.

Check the result, most likely you can already enjoy high-quality viewing of programs. But if you are dealing with newer models, then read on.

Important! On a modern TV with Smart TV, you can watch TV over the Internet. Follow the detailed instructions on the link toinstall flash player on tv.

Long setup

With TVs equipped with the Smart TV function, things are a little more complicated:

  1. Go to settings mode using the home key.
  2. In the “Options” menu, set the country and region in which you reside.
  3. In the settings you need to find the “Auto Search” window.
  4. In the window that opens, select the transmission type - “Cable”.
  5. If all the actions are carried out without errors, then install a quick search and enter the following parameters:
    • The initial frequency is 274 kHz.
    • The final frequency is 770 kHz.
    • Set the modulation to 256.
    • The transmission speed is 6750.
    • Network ID select “Auto”.
  6. The TV may require some additional information. Check the box for consent.
  7. Start your search. After 15-30 minutes, all available channels will be displayed.
  8. In order not to reconfigure all over again, you can set the auto-update mode in the settings.

If at any stage there are problems and the detailed instructions that are included with the devices do not help, consult a specialist on the manufacturer’s telephone hotline.

Important! To make the image on the TV ideal for many years, you need to properly care for the screen. We will tell youhow to wipe the LCD screen at home.

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Stock footage

As you managed to notice, there is nothing complicated in this whole procedure. So why call the master, while spending the amount of money that could be postponed until better times? Of course, there’s nothing to it. Thanks to this article, the problematic question of how to set up the tuner on the TV will disappear, because you already know the answer and put it into practice.

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