Best 40 inch LED TVs

Until recently, LCD TVs and plasma panels seemed like a miracle of technology. But today LED equipment is becoming more and more popular - it is LCD TVs with LED backlight, modern multimedia devices with the ability to connect a video camera, DVD player and other gadgets. The article presents the best 40-inch and 42-inch LED TVs.

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The advantages of LED technology include:

  • Clear picture.
  • High contrast image.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Environmental Safety.
  • Stylish ultra slim design.
  • Rich additional functionality.

Important! TV tuner is a device that converts the signals of TV channels and displays an image in excellent quality on a TV screen. Today, most modern TVs are already equipped with such a device. However, not everyone can handle it and tune channels. In order to fix this situation, click on the link, and with the help of our tips you can set up TV tuner on TV

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How to choose a TV 40 and 42 inches?

When compiling a rating of 40-inch and 42-inch LED TVs, which will undoubtedly help you with the choice, such factors were taken into account.

  • Image quality.
  • Sound quality.
  • Maintaining modern digital signals.
  • Additional functions and features.
  • Price.
  • Customer reviews.

Important! You bought a brand new TV with Smart function and you can’t connect it to the Internet, and all your attempts fail? Find out from another article on our site about how to connect the Internet to Smart TV.

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40-inch TVs - rating in the price segment up to $ 500

Here, the undisputed leaders are television devices from the world famous companies PHILIPS, LG and SAMSUNG. According to the characteristics, you can choose the best budget TV 40 inches.


The Dutch company used Digital Crystal Clear technology in the production of television sets, which makes sound and picture quality much better.

Another innovative Perfect Motion Rate technology helps eliminate blurry shots and makes realistic viewing of dynamic scenes realistic: wildlife, sporting events, etc.

Important! The design of the TV is simple, without too much decorative, it has simple controls and compact dimensions. The price is quite affordable.

However, the model is not without its individual drawbacks:

  • Uneconomical (power consumption even when turned off).
  • Not the best sound quality.
  • Low power - only 16 watts.
  • Poor assembly.
  • Difficulties in sorting channels.

LG 42LF560V

This model belongs to the middle price segment. The device has a diagonal of 42 inches. Therefore, those who are looking for the best 42-inch LED TVs at a reasonable price, pay attention to this option:

  • The model has a good picture quality. The microprocessor Triple XD is responsible for the image quality (detail, brightness, contrast).
  • Thanks to USB support, it is possible to play video from a computer.
  • There are 2 built-in tuners: analog and digital.
  • Unlike the previous model, LG 42LF560V TVs are economical and feature excellent sound reproduction.

Important! There is only one drawback of the TV: low screen refresh rate: only 50 Hz. A slight drawback is the ports located on the back wall.This is not very convenient.


Samsung TVs have always been distinguished by high-quality image and sound reproduction. In our top three 40-inch and 42-inch televisions among budget models, he occupies a leading position:

  • The TV supports all input formats.
  • Sound quality is also up to par.

Important! The disadvantages include the high price, large mass and decent energy consumption.

If you are interested in which 40-inch TV to choose, this model is the optimal ratio of quality and price.

Important! Many who have purchased Samsung TV have difficulties setting up digital channels. In order to avoid them, we suggest you familiarize yourself with useful information on our website about how to set up digital channels on Samsung TVs.

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Rating Smart TVs 40 inches

Here, the leading position is again with Samsung. The bronze medalist was the device of SONY.


The design of the TV receiver is made in the best traditions of a Japanese company. The case is very thin and the image quality is excellent thanks to the use of X-Reality PRO technology. For getting into the ranking three, this is quite enough, but not enough for a leadership position.

Important! When using this TV model, you can use Blu-ray discs and DVDs, as well as other external media. You can watch movies from the Internet. Sound reproduction is excellent thanks to ClearAudio + technology.

According to user reviews, the TV has several disadvantages:

  • High price.
  • Watching movies is not possible from all web portals.
  • Management - only through the remote control.
  • The system often crashes.


Prestigious, expensive model. SAMSUNG UE40J6390AU uses Micro Dimming Pro technology. This allows you to better detail the image, make it even more realistic. It is possible to connect to a mobile gadget and exchange data.

Of the shortcomings, buyers note:

  • Not very convenient mount.
  • Remote control.
  • Not the fastest internet.

Important! Modern life is simply impossible to imagine without television, especially with high-quality HD images. The digital receiver connected to the TV provides an ideal picture. If you decide to purchase this device, we suggest viewing information on how to choose a digital receiver for tv.


This is the recognized leader of our TOP Three. All things being equal, the TV has more advanced screen features and Smart TV technology. The screen size is 40 inches, with a resolution of 4K.

Important! An important advantage is the use of Smart Hub technology, which makes it possible to work with files and Internet sites. Tizen system allows you to work with mobile devices. The price can not be called low, but given the rich functionality, it is quite reasonable.

The owners have such complaints:

  • Imperfect firmware.
  • Problems with the operating system.
  • Small viewing angle.
  • Not very convenient mount.

Important! If you are a fan of satellite television, then you can not do without acquiring a satellite dish. All information about which model is better, the diameter of the plate, the material from which it is made, as well as the rating of the best devices are given in the article “What plate to choose for the TV”.

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The given rating will allow you to make a more objective and deliberate choice of a 40-inch TV. So - watching TV will be convenient and enjoyable.

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