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The best headphones are those that are most convenient for your use. The main parameters for choosing a headset are ease of use, ultimate sound quality and design development. A wide network of devices is presented on the modern market. A huge assortment allows you to choose the model that best suits your requirements. The best manufacturers of headphones - what kind of companies are these? This we will consider in this article.

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Which company headphone is better to choose?

One of the main problems is the difficulty in choosing headphones, since there are many manufacturers and it is very difficult to decide on the choice of accessory. Viewing reviews and established ratings of companies allow you to make the most correct decision and choose a high-quality product.


Sennheiser is a German manufacturer, the so-called shark of the modern headphone market. By right, the company holds an honorable first place. Initially, Senhayzer was known as a manufacturer that manufactures its products with high quality. Currently, the company is actively introducing innovations that look like wireless models, gaming, sports and other innovations.

The presence of technological developments helps the company for a long time to occupy a leading position in the modern market. The presence of a wide range of products allows you to opt for headphones of various types.

Important! Sennheiser stands out for its value for money. She obeys the law, in which the price corresponds to the quality of 100%.



When releasing products, Sony constantly surprises its customers with innovative designs. Wireless users are especially popular with users. The presence of an elegant appearance, excellent sound quality is a real gift for music lovers.

Sony headphones have their own signature sound, which is a hallmark of the brand in the industry. Of course, the manufacturer produces all types of headphones, which are represented by both very inexpensive “plugs” of the MDR-EX15LP brand and quite expensive full-size models MDR-Z1R.

Important! All products have a similar style. The sound of Sony headphones is characterized by rather light, with a predominance of high frequencies, which sometimes sound with some excess. Even bass models - for example, the popular Sony MDR-XB450AP, or similar, but slightly lower costs, such as the Sony MDR-ZX310 and Sony MDR xb400, have comparative ease, despite the abundance of low frequencies.

Audio technica

Audio-Technica is one of the most popular brands in the modern market for both headphones and audio equipment in general, and is rightfully included in the ranking of the best manufacturers of headphones.

The range of headphones includes products from truly audiophile models to basshead ones. This company was established in 1962 and its products are time-tested. When purchasing headphones of a branded company, you should not worry about its quality, which was always at a high level.

Regardless of the price segment, Audio-Technica headphones have their own unique signature style, which is expressed in a light, airy and clear sound. Even bass-oriented models feature proprietary treble in sound.

Important! The similarity of sound with Sony is determined by the Japanese view of sound. But there is a difference, which is expressed in the fact that the headphones of Audio-Technica have less “transparency”, but they have more volume and airiness.


Shure company specializes in the production of full-size and intra-channel models, produces high-quality, but at the same time expensive headphones. The history of this company is rooted in 1925. Initially, an American company produced radio components. The fame for the brand came when the production of microphones began.

Currently, a huge assortment of headphones of this brand, which are famous for high quality, is on sale.


The headphones of the German company Beyerdynamic are known in the modern market due to their professional focus and product quality. A lot of buyers opt for one or another model of this company in order to make it convenient to work in the studio.

The company was organized back in 1924. Like other companies, the company began with the production of microphones. During its existence, the manufacturer has accumulated many developments. The sound of Beyerdynamic is smooth and accurate, truly German.

Important! Particularly popular were the full-size models that are in the mid-expensive segment. The range of headphones is very wide - the company produces both inexpensive “plugs” and expensive audiophile models.



Panasonic is a Japanese corporation that is known in the modern headphone market for its good price and excellent quality. The budget segment is an element of the company. The Technics brand, which is part of the Panasonic company, deserves special attention.

Important! Panasonic brand headphones are very well known to DJs. Due to its reliability and quality, the use of branded headphones has become somewhat legendary use in these circles.


Beats is known for its high-quality headphones. The only thing that stops some consumers is the price is too high. But for those who prefer to pay for quality, brand company models are becoming the best choice.

Important! It is under such a brand that the largest number of fakes made in China is hidden, so it is necessary to exercise caution when choosing models.


Philips is known for its vast experience in the manufacture of audio equipment and is one of the best manufacturers of headphones. The presence of an elegant design, the use of original solutions and technological innovations make it possible at your own discretion to choose the model you like from a wide range of products.

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Best in-ear headphones

In-ear headphones are primarily distinguished by their convenience and compactness. But the design features are not able to provide perfect sound quality. Despite this, in the modern market there are good models that have the ability to listen to music anywhere you go.

Headphones for running Westone UM PRO30

The Westone brand company is best known for its premium products. The UM PRO30 model is made in an ergonomic design and practically does not pass external sounds. This moment is the main advantage of the headphones that are used for running.

Consider the advantages of such headphones:

  • headphone sensitivity is 124 dB / mW;
  • thanks to a folding design, the compactness of the device is ensured;
  • the presence of a detachable cable;
  • the presence of a sufficiently high isolation from external noise;
  • Superior sound quality.

There are also disadvantages - this is a high cost.

Important! According to positive customer reviews, Westone UM PRO30 headphones are one of the most popular models in their class. This headset, like other devices of this brand, has a high build quality.

Headphones for sports Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT3

For those who are used to engaging in an active lifestyle, the budget version of the Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT3 headphone can become a constant companion.

Consider the advantages of this model:

  • original thoughtful design;
  • moisture protective function;
  • the presence of high quality sound;
  • quite adequate cost.

There are also disadvantages:

  • the presence of a wired structure;
  • the presence of a thin cable;
  • lack of a headset.

Important! According to consumer reviews of Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT3, this model is quite suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle. However, users note that during the application there is an inconvenience, which is expressed in the presence of a wired structure. But basically the model is fully consistent with the stated price-to-quality ratio.

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The best in-ear headphones

In-ear headphones, which have an interesting design, are very popular. Thanks to such a device, there is the possibility of enjoying better sound quality. These models are designed to ensure maximum isolation from external sounds, so consider the best brands of headphones.

Bluetooth Headphones for Jabees BSport Phone

For high-quality sound music choose waterproof headphones by Jabees BSport. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the device performs its functions perfectly, practically does not slip. Therefore, even active sports or jogging does not require their correction.

Important! A similar model supports all devices that work with Bluetooth technology.

Consider the advantages of such a model:

  • wireless connection to smartphone;
  • remote control;
  • devices are waterproof and IPX4;
  • light weight, which is 20 g;
  • the radius of the possible action reaches 20 m;
  • The package also includes inserts with different sizes and gel holders.

Important! There is also a drawback, which is expressed in the fact that the operating time in offline mode is no more than 5-6 hours.

Headphones for the Sony MDR-EX450 tablet

The main advantage of Sony MDR-EX450 models is a wide range of reproducible frequencies. The use of a metal case clearly improved the appearance of the model, while the design became more stylish.

The advantages of this model:

  • the presence of a 3.5 mm gold-plated jack;
  • the presence of the cable sheath provides an increase in its resistance to external influences, which allows to extend the life of the cable;
  • high-quality bass sound.

The disadvantage of this model is that the headphones do not have buttons for adjusting the sound volume.

Important! At temperatures below zero, the developers of this model do not recommend the use of a cable.

Customer feedback on the use of Sony MDR-EX450 headphones indicates the presence of clear sound transmitted through the device. The length of the wire allows you to hide the model almost anywhere if necessary.


Headphones for Panasonic RP-HJE125 Smartphone

Which headphones have the best sound? As a rule, headphones are included with the smartphone. But at the same time they represent very simple models. For those who want to listen to quality music, you must separately purchase a headset. One of the best models is the Panasonic RP-HJE125 device.

Among the advantages should be noted:

  • elegant design;
  • thoughtful design that fits perfectly to the ear;
  • long working hours;
  • low price;
  • wide range of colors.

The model also has disadvantages:

  • the presence of a thin cable;
  • relatively small frequency range.

Important! According to user reviews, this device is one of the best models of the budget series. At a low price, the headphones function for a relatively long time. The device transmits high-quality sound.

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Best over-ear headphones

On-ear headphones are appreciated for their deep sound and beautiful appearance. They are used to listen to musical works both at home and on the street. Devices are made both with a cable, and wireless, which perfectly fit with mobile devices.

Sennheiser PX 210 BT Wireless Earphones

Sennheiser brand has gained wide popularity due to the manufacture of high-quality audio equipment. The company constantly surprises customers with the release of new models.

The advantages of this model include:

  • high sound quality;
  • the presence of Bluetooth, thanks to which it is possible to connect to a smartphone or desktop PC;
  • compactness;
  • presence of cable in the kit;
  • offline mode lasts up to about 10 hours;
  • there is a volume control;
  • range up to 10 m;
  • frequency range is 15-22000 Hz.

Among the shortcomings should be noted:

  • the presence of a tight charging connector;
  • lack of a built-in microphone.

Important! Users note the successful version of the Sennheiser PX 210 BT model, which is ideal for listening to music through smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

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Best full-size headphones

Full-size headphones are used by both music lovers and professional musicians. A distinctive feature of this device is the presence of a large headband and ear pads that completely cover the ears. Consider the best manufacturers of such headphones.

Monster NCredible NTune

This headphone model combines stylish design and superior sound quality. Selected enclosed design has high noise reduction.

Main advantages:

  • great design;
  • high sound quality;
  • Great bass tracking
  • the presence of a replaceable cable with one-way connection.

A significant disadvantage is the fragile device of the main frame.

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Best monitor headphones

Closed headphones are used for various purposes. The presence of a reliable design ensures high quality sound.

Philips TV Wireless Headphones SHC8535

Philips products offer a wide range of models. Wireless headphones are especially popular.

Among the advantages should be noted:

  • sensitivity 100 dB;
  • membrane size is 40 mm;
  • data transmission is carried out in a range of up to 100 m;
  • the presence of 3 channels of the transmitter;
  • battery life is up to 15 hours;
  • excellent soundproofing;
  • the presence of neodymium magnets.

The disadvantages include:

  • in some cases, the signal is lost;
  • the presence of a short cord mini jack.

The flaws of the model are minor compared to the excellent sound quality.

Headphones for iPhone Urbanears Plattan

Fans of high-quality sound, most likely, will not be satisfied with the standard model, which is bundled with Apple products. Headphones for iPhone differ in price and design, while the sound quality is very high.

Main advantages:

  • sensitivity 115 dB;
  • frequency range is 20-20000 Hz;
  • the presence of one-way cable connection;
  • has a mini jack 3.5 mm;
  • cable length is 1.2 m;
  • stylish design;
  • there is a microphone;
  • the presence of a convenient remote control on the microphone;
  • iPhone support.

The disadvantages include the presence of a fixed wire.

Important! This model is characterized by high sensitivity and a wide range of frequencies. Fixed wire is not a significant disadvantage of the device, which has a huge number of advantages.


Headphones with microphone for games on the computer Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is great for gamers. The developers created an ergonomic design and expanded the configuration of the model. Together with the headset, manufacturers offer a sound card with virtual 7.1 sound.

The advantages include:

  • convenient mount;
  • built-in volume control;
  • the presence of a USB-connector and a mini-jack 3.5 mm;
  • the presence of surround sound;
  • the presence of a wide range of frequencies;
  • built-in microphone.

Among the shortcomings are:

  • plastic construction;
  • price;
  • lack of software from manufacturers;
  • the presence of weak bass.

Important! High cost is one of the main disadvantages of the product. But the huge functionality and excellent sound outweigh all the negative sides of the model.

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What kind of headphones to buy?

Which headphones have the best sound? When choosing headphones, you must adhere to certain recommendations:

  • For those who are actively involved in sports or running with music, pay attention to plug-in models or in-channel designs.
  • For gamers, monitor models with a microphone are suitable.
  • For professional music lessons, full-size models and overhead devices are used.
  • Bluetooth earphones provide mobility and keep users free of wires.
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In this article, we examined the best manufacturers of headphones of various types. We hope that now the question of choosing the right model for you is much easier to solve.

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