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In the current technology market, you can find thousands of different models of TVs that have a very wide functionality and a large diagonal. You can endlessly list the names of models and their manufacturers, but so the choice of device only becomes more complicated. What can help the buyer? We present to your attention the rating of TVs, which contains the most popular models. If you have already set aside your savings on a new screen, but still have not chosen a model, take a look at our TOP TVs. Perhaps it is in it that you will find the equipment you are interested in.

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LG 55EC930V

This model has collected a lot of positive reviews on various online forums.

And this is not at all surprising, because this TV has incorporated all modern technologies and the broadest functionality:

  • He has in his arsenal a huge Full HD display with a size of 139.7 cm.
  • OLED technology helps to achieve better image quality, because these pixels are the technology of the future, thanks to which it is possible to convey to the viewer all the visible colors.
  • The curved screen provides the user with an optimal image for viewing, which can be enjoyed from a variety of viewing angles without much loss of contrast and clarity.
  • The surface is designed to be equidistant from the eye and help avoid any kind of distortion.

Important! The device is not the best sound reproduction at a cost of $ 1,700.

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Samsung UE46F8000

This product was also met with applause and clearly deserves that attention in the TOP TVs that it was given after the release:

  • This model has an extremely stylish design, which is not without minimalism. The most amazing thing is that the silver case fits into every interior of the house.
  • The user is given several hundred different settings that can radically improve the image.
  • The device uses special filters that remove all noise while watching analog TV.
  • 46 inches with backlight boast the highest clarity and “natural” color reproduction.
  • This product is based on technology that is responsible for the correct display of action scenes.
  • Smart Hub provides the capabilities of a huge multimedia center with entertainment, surfing, computer games and other interesting things.
  • The cost of such a “box” is 1300 dollars.

Important! Included is not the most convenient remote control.

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LG 42LB650V

This is probably the best TV of the year in its price category. The model immediately established itself in the market and gained immense popularity among a large number of consumers:

  • The design solution is selected so that the product does not go out of the line for external compliance with other offspring. It was this feature that allowed the TV to fit into every interior.
  • A powerful processor provides high speed and performance, and backlighting on new technology saves money on energy consumption.
  • Screen with good TV viewing angle Transmits an excellent picture to everything with its 42 ”.
  • Users recommend the model for watching sports and action movies.
  • The case is equipped with a large number of different interfaces that are designed to connect consoles, mobile devices, players and other equipment.
  • Wi-Fi wireless technology provides access to a wide range of different films, videos and other multimedia content.
  • Smart TV only extends the already gigantic functionality of the device, and the intuitive menu makes you use it over and over again.
  • The cost of this product is $ 600.

Important! Not the most convenient surfing the Internet when working with a browser.

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Samsung UE48H6400

The device received an optimal price-quality ratio, since in one case the high-quality image transmission, decent surround sound and interesting design are combined:

  • The screen has a diagonal of 48 inches and boasts the highest definition with an ideal balance of colors, which is famous for its depth and saturation.
  • Function Smart TV provides a wide range of modern functions that make it possible to control a simple and intuitive interface. Wireless communication technologies provide constant access to the Internet, and the ability to watch 3D will make your living room the most popular movie theater.
  • Constant software support affects the “tools” of the TV.
  • The price of this product starts at $ 920.

Important! The device comes with 3D glasses, which are made of very fragile plastic.

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Sony KD-55X8505B

Equipment from the Sony company has always been famous for its quality:

  • This device received a screen with a size of 55 inches.
  • The design will impress even the most biased art lover, and the technical parameters will surprise the most advanced user.
  • It is worth noting a very good stereo sound, which is distinguished by its purity and depth.
  • Also pleased with the opportunity to access the Internet, along with support for popular social networks.
  • The model is equipped with a modern function of suppressing noise and echo, which provides better clarity of sound reproduction during a call, and an integrated camera with Full HD resolution will allow you to clearly transmit the picture even at night.
  • For digital television, a high-quality tuner is built in, which implements the ability to enable parental control.
  • The image looks very realistic, which is ideal for sports programs and new films.
  • Cost - 1600 US dollars.

Important! Sometimes the device does not see images like ISO.

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On this, the rating of Smart TVs can be considered closed. In order not to overpay once again, determine your requirements for the device and look for the model that strictly fits them.

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