Deodorant for shoes against smell that prevents you from living comfortably

Sometimes comfortable and fairly decent looking shoes, with which to part with so far are not part of your plans, require immediate replacement. This happens for the most banal reason - because of the appearance of a very unpleasant smell in it. Everyone can be in such a situation, and the question immediately arises, which deodorant for shoes is better from smell? But before answering it, you need to know the cause of the unpleasant odor and carefully deal with it, eliminate it. Only with this approach can we hope for a truly positive result and a long further wear of the pair that is convenient for you.

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Causes of bad smell

The reason for the appearance of a smell does not always consist in neglecting the rules of personal hygiene. It happens that an unpleasant smell is felt from the newly purchased new shoes. It’s even more offensive if the boots or shoes that have served you a couple of seasons with truth and faith begin to exude a rather unpleasant smell after they accidentally fall into a puddle.

But such an incident does not mean at all that you will have to throw away your favorite shoes or stylish sneakers and forget about them forever. In order not to meet this trouble again, there are special deodorants for shoes against smell, as well as folk remedies that will quickly help remove unpleasant amber.

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Home Remedies for Shoes

One of the best solutions to this issue will be the use of special folk remedies at home. There are a small number of funds that are really aimed at removing the fungus, as well as eliminating a very unpleasant odor.

Ammonia and vodka

At home, in order to get rid of the specific smell of mold in damp boots, contact a mixture of ammonia and vodka for help. Wipe the inside of the boots with this mixture. To make it more convenient to use, you can make a shoe odor spray from these ingredients.


To get rid of unpleasant odor and mold helps to wipe products with vinegar.

Important! In no case do not use the essence undiluted - there is a high probability that it will harm your hands and boots.


Salt is a universal remedy for disgusting odors and mold. Pour it carefully into the shoes. Keep salt in your shoes for at least 3 days, and then pour and gently remove any powder residue.

Important! Salt is an excellent absorbent - not only moisture, but also various odors. Therefore, it can be safely used as a deodorant for shoes against smell. The only caveat - make sure that it does not fall on the outer surface of the product, as stains may appear.

Soda or activated carbon

Foreign smells from shoes at home will effectively help remove soda - it is suitable for light shoes. For dark skin, crushed tablets of activated carbon are suitable.

Important! Pour one of these products into cotton socks, and then put them in your shoes all night.

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Deodorant for shoes at home

To prepare this miracle remedy you will need:

  • vodka;
  • water;
  • essential oil;
  • spray bottle.

The cooking method is extremely simple:

  1. For 100 ml of vodka, take 200 ml of boiling water, as well as a small amount of essential oil, for example: lavender, mint or tea.
  2. Mix everything thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle.

Important! The processing method is very simple, spray the deodorant for shoes off the odor on the inside of the shoes and wait until it dries.

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Popular brands of deodorants for shoes

If you personally don’t feel like preparing the remedy for unpleasant amber, or you’re just used to using professional chemistry to care for various models of shoes, boots, boots and even sneakers, proceed in the same way. Choose the right odor deodorant for shoes from the ones below and the problem will be solved.

Important! We offer an overview of the most popular products that have received the majority of positive consumer reviews and are credible for their effectiveness.

Deodorants Salton

These deodorants inspire consumer confidence, because the prevalence of other cosmetics for shoes manufactured under the same brand is very high. Consumers note that the deodorant is very reliable, meets all the manufacturer's promises, which are written on the packaging label, as well as economical in consumption.

Important! The line of these deodorants includes a small number of species, but including a special series for sports models.


Salamander is also a well-known brand in the modern market. Deodorants for shoes against odor are produced under it. This tool is based on silver ions, which have excellent natural antibacterial properties. The shoe spray is really very effective in preventing odors.

Deodorant “Bar”

It belongs to a different price category; its value is lower than the average market price. However, they speak of him quite well, they say that the product fights very effectively against old and unpleasant odors inside the shoe and prevents the appearance of new unpleasant odors quite well.


Twist differs from most of its counterparts in that it provides not only antibacterial protection, but also provides antifungal disinfection and prevention.

Deodorant Scholl

This odor deodorant for shoes is being launched under the brand name, which has gained and retains market confidence for many years and fully lives up to its good name. The tool perfectly prevents the appearance of odors.

Important! Consumers unanimously assert that Scholl perfectly copes with its task, regardless of the quality of the processed material.

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It must be remembered that absolutely any shoes from time to time requires washing and airing. It is also necessary to thoroughly dry the products, because a humid environment is a paradise for bacteria: under these conditions, they multiply quite quickly and live. Observing these simple rules, you will be much less likely to encounter a similar problem, but if the trouble nevertheless happened, now you know how to get a deodorant for shoes from smell or how to make it yourself.

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