Electric shoe shine

When we purchase new leather shoes, we hope that they will serve us for a long time, while maintaining their impeccable appearance. But as soon as your favorite leather shoes undergo serious environmental tests, the question immediately arises of what to do right: clean it by hand or can pamper it and use electric shoe polish.

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Manual and electric shoe shine - pros and cons

As you know, the first impression of any person is formed by his appearance, including the cleanliness and brilliance of shoes. Each of us wants to have the image of a successful, wealthy and confident person. However, under our climatic conditions, keeping shoes is ideally quite difficult. Once on the streets, experts in shoemaking skillfully handled cream and brushes, but now all the work of caring for the shoes is done by special equipment.

The shoe polisher is very convenient. He effectively and flawlessly copes with his task, and at the same time several times exceeds manual labor in quality and processing speed. The machines show perfect polishing quality, which is achieved through the rapid rotation of special brushes.

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Shoe Shine - Application

Shoe-cleaning machines are installed in the halls of hotels, hotels, offices. Moreover, they not only testify to the cordial attitude towards customers. A modest shoe-polish device gives the hotel additional respectability, improves its reputation and plays an additional role in ensuring cleanliness of the premises.

Important! If such an apparatus is placed in an office, then the image of a solid and successful company will be ensured. Not only employees of the company, but also your customers will be able to use cleaning and polishing for free. A shoe-polisher is installed by people who love order, not only in business but also in life.

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Features of the device for cleaning shoes

Currently, the market is widely represented by numerous devices produced by various world manufacturers. All of them fit perfectly into the interior of the most sophisticated premises, reliable and durable.

Additional advantages provided by electric shoe polish are as follows:

  1. They are extremely compact: only 1 m2 of space is required to place such machines.
  2. Even the most modern and efficient machines are very easy to operate and are designed so that even an inexperienced user can understand the principle of its operation.
  3. Shoe cleaners are able to function without constant monitoring by maintenance personnel.
  4. Whatever shoe shoe you choose, you can always count on an impeccable quality of work. Devices are equipped with soft-bristle brushes that are designed for dark and light surfaces, and embossed rubber mats effectively remove dirt from the sole. The mat can be easily removed from the tray and cleaned.
  5. Shoe shine using the device is easy for visitors, and you will not have to experience difficulties with the operation of the device.
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Domestic device or imported?

Each model has its own characteristics and advantages. But you can give specific recommendations for certain cases:

  1. If you want to emphasize the respectability of the hotel and the high level of service in it, then choose the shoe machine of the German company Heute, which is distinguished by its elegant design, an ideal degree of comfort and ergonomics.
  2. Shoe-cleaning devices made in Russia also have their indisputable advantages: they are convenient to use, excellently clean various shoes and polish them. Shoes are cleaned promptly and efficiently, and at the same time, a domestic appliance compares favorably with its cost and economy.

Important! If you plan to buy such a fixture for the home, it will not be superfluous to secure for yourself another task - drying shoes, boots, boots. Find out, how to make a shoe dryer.

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Popular Polisher shoe shine models

3D Polisher shoe polish machines are innovative devices of a new generation that clean shoes not on one side, but on three: from above, from the left, from the right. Such devices work as follows:

  1. The client brings the shoes to the cream delivery bin, and the universal colorless product automatically falls on the toe of the shoe in the form of two to three drops.
  2. The user puts his foot in the next cleaning hopper, and the machine starts to rotate all 5 brushes. The first 2 seconds, the brushes rotate in place, removing dirt from the shoes. Then, rotating, the brushes begin to move back and forth, while distributing the cream over the entire surface of the shoes and rubbing the shoes to a shine. The time allotted for cleaning one boot is 20 seconds.

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  1. Shoe-cleaning machines with coin acceptors (Basic, Media Station) can work in a paid mode and can be used in business.
  2. The 3D Polisher Media Station and Basic LCD models are equipped with sound systems and high-quality LCD displays and can be used to provide advertising services. Machines of this type are designed for use in business centers, airports, hotels, shopping centers, banks, restaurants and other public places.

Important! You can use such devices at home.

Features of the Polisher Basic LCD model:

  • 19-inch LCD
  • sound system;
  • coin acceptor;
  • sales counter;
  • color and material of the case: a metal case at the top, a silver replaceable plastic case at the bottom of the machine.

Important! Features of the 3D Polisher Office Star model in compactness. Its installation requires an area of ​​35x45 cm. This is one of the most inexpensive models of this type. The machine works only in free mode. Shoe cleaning begins immediately after placing the foot on the platform.

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Other popular models

Consider the features of some more shoe polish machines that are small, which means they can be installed not only in offices, but also at home. We are talking about Clean Boot shoe shine machines:

  • Clean Boot Mini House. This is a shoe-polish machine with foot control, a container for cream, 2 brushes for polishing. Suitable for home, small office or as a gift.
  • Clean Boot House. This is a practical shoe-polish appliance at home. On the steel case is a button on / off the device. The kit includes: a body, a container for a cream, a shoe polish brush, a rubber mat, a container dispenser, a shoe polishing brush and a power switch.
  • Clean Boot Family. This is a great model that is suitable for home or small office. The device turns on touch. Materials used in the manufacture of the apparatus: wood, steel. Color can be selected from black to gold.

Important! The above models are made in China. In Russia, cars of this type are manufactured by Eco Line. The devices of this company have an elegant round steel case, which can complement any home interior.The lack of a handle, the ability to turn on such a machine using the foot button, will help save space and install it in various niches.

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Description of the universal “Opti” electric brush

Caring for leather shoes requires regularity. For cleaning shoes, you can use not only electric devices, but also mini-brushes for cleaning any surfaces.


  1. The mini-brush cleans not only shoes, but also tiles, carpets, plumbing, ventilation grilles, blinds, household appliances, jewelry, and also helps to remove stains from the fabric. Three special nozzles will help to clean various surfaces, and a unique tilt mechanism will allow you to clean objects at an angle.
  2. This “miracle” works from 4 AA batteries.
  3. If you are tired of using shoe brushes that do not give the desired effect and constantly fail, then the universal “Opti” is designed specifically for you.
  4. This appliance can make household chores as easy as possible. The rotation speed of the device is 300 rpm, so cleaning any surfaces will not take much time.


The set includes 3 brushes:

  • red - used to clean hard, hard surfaces;
  • white - designed for fabrics and leather products;
  • green - a twister brush, used to remove dirt in hard to reach places.


Using a universal electric brush is quite simple:

  1. Remove the battery cover.
  2. Insert 4 AA batteries (according to polarity).
  3. Install the desired nozzle.
  4. Press the button to turn on the brush, hold it in the process.
  5. Release the button to turn off the device.

Important! In any case, you will have to carry out some shoe care procedures yourself. To do this with ease, buy the necessary equipment and tools, focusing on our tips:

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In order for the shoes to serve as long as possible, keep their attractive appearance for several years, take care of them with love, indulge in creams and other care products. After returning home, do not forget to devote at least a few minutes to clean it, wipe it, and polish it. Then in the morning it will shine as good as new, which means to delight you and those around you.

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