How to decorate a leather jacket?

Any thing with prolonged wear loses its original appearance. For example, a product made of genuine leather can last more than one season, however, over time, this material also becomes dull, faded, and worn. However, do not regret to throw out a solid, not out of fashion thing. There are many affordable, completely inexpensive ways to upgrade your old leather jacket with your own hands, without resorting to dry cleaning services or ateliers. In this article, we will offer you several ideas on how to decorate a leather jacket, from which you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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The first step is cleaning

Before you start updating things from genuine leather, you need to clean it from all sorts of contaminants:

  • Dust can be easily removed with a soft brush or dry foam sponge.
  • The collar area, cuffs, pockets and bottom of the product in the area of ​​buttons or zippers must be treated with a brush especially carefully.
  • After dry cleaning, a jacket made of genuine leather should be wiped with a slightly damp sponge or a piece of cotton cloth, previously moistened with a mild soap solution. The solution can be prepared from warm water with the addition of a gel for delicate washing of woolen clothes, special shampoo or liquid soap.

Important! Hand washing leather clothes or using a washing machine is strictly prohibited.

  • If your leather jacket has prints or decorative inserts from another fabric, then the cleaning agent must be selected separately for each of them.
  • Complex contaminants, grease, deeply absorbed dirt should be treated with a soft rag or cotton swab previously moistened in a soap solution with the addition of a small amount of kerosene or ammonia.
  • Strongly greasy areas and oil stains should be pre-wiped with turpentine, refined gasoline or any other solvent.
  • Ink stains, paints, risks from a ballpoint pen are perfectly removed by acetic acid and alcohol.
  • After wet cleaning, the soapy solution must be removed from the surface of the leather product using plain water and a clean sponge.
  • The item is wiped dry with a bath towel and dried at room temperature.

Important! Leather items must not be dried in the sun or near heating appliances.

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Painting a leather jacket

A good leather jacket will serve the owner for quite some time, but only on condition that you take care of it and update it on time. To refresh a leather jacket at home can help staining with a special paint that can be done at home.

This procedure can be done in two ways:

  • Apply spray can.
  • Use water soluble powder.

Spray can

Updating a leather product in the first way is very simple. For this:

  • In a hardware store or on the market, you need to purchase a spray can of paint, the color of which does not have to be the same as the original. Having picked up a different shade, the owner of the jacket will receive a practically new thing that can enrich and diversify the wardrobe.

Important! Remember that a white or too light jacket you can not paint well in black - definitely get more or less saturated gray. The same thing with the idea of ​​repainting a black or too dark jacket in white.

  • The amount of paint should be taken based on the manufacturer's recommendations. As a rule, there is an instruction on the canister, which indicates what area can be covered with its contents.

Important! On a regular jacket of medium size should take at least two units of paint. And you will have to buy at least twice as much on a coat. <

  • Before applying the paint, the clothes should be clean - how to clean, we wrote above.
  • After the item is completely dry, it must be hung on a hanger so that it can hang freely without touching anything.
  • To protect your hands, put on rag or cellophane gloves, and everything around is better to cover with newspapers.
  • Aerosol must be applied evenly from a distance of 20 cm.

Important! The manufacturer indicates the drying time on the packaging, as a rule, it is about two hours.


Powder paint

You can also upgrade your old leather jacket with your own hands using powder paint:

  • Having prepared the dye (taking into account the manufacturer's recommendations) in boiling water, it is cooled to 45 degrees.

Important! It is no longer necessary, as this can ruin the jacket - the skin will become brittle and will tear quickly.

  • Next, the clothes are immersed in a solution for a couple of hours, after which they are thoroughly rinsed until the water becomes clean.
  • Then the leather product is hung on a coat hanger and left to dry in a dark, well-ventilated room.

Important! Experienced housewives recommend putting leather clothes in a dye solution so that it does not bend or twist. This will enable the dye to evenly cover the entire surface of the product. Otherwise, unpainted spots may remain, and the procedure will have to be repeated.

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We get rid of scuffs:

  • You can refresh a leather jacket at home and hide the abrasions that inevitably appear on it with an ordinary orange peel. It contains a large amount of essential oils, so you should wipe the surface of the product with an orange peel - there will be no trace of glossy areas and scuffs.
  • The same excellent result will give a baby or oily face cream. Using a woolen or flannel cloth, every detail is lubricated with cream, and the remains of the greasy substance are cleaned with a clean cloth. At the end, the jacket is polished to a shine with a soft, dry cloth.
  • A mixture of turpentine and low-fat fresh milk can help eliminate scuffs and prevent their rapid appearance.

Important! If you periodically wipe a leather product with this mixture, then it will retain its original appearance for a long time.

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Restore skin to its natural shine

Restoring a leather jacket at home most often consists in restoring the glossy coating of the material. Not only special polishes with a tinting or colorless effect, but also home remedies perfectly cope with this task.

You don’t have to buy anything expensive or difficult to affordable, since returning a pristine gloss to a leather jacket can help:

  • Lemon juice.
  • Egg white, which is whipped into a light foam.
  • Glycerol.
  • Castor oil.

The procedure is quite simple, regardless of which of the above funds has been selected. The cotton pad is wetted in lemon juice, protein foam, glycerin or castor oil and rubbed thoroughly, but without pressure, the entire surface of the leather jacket.

Important! Do not forget that you can polish the product only after cleaning it.

These funds can be used to update the appearance of leather things of any color.

Important! Dark jackets lend themselves well to polishing with coffee grounds.It is necessary to collect in a flap of flannel fabric or a handkerchief 2-3 tablespoons of moist coffee grounds and walk this bundle over the entire surface of the product. The effect will be great!

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Other recovery methods

For matt leather items, there are several options to upgrade your old leather jacket with your own hands. For example, a solution of cow's milk and turpentine will help return the pristine beautiful appearance to the jacket. They are mixed in equal proportions, and then the resulting solution is treated with a thin layer of the surface of the jacket using a foam sponge.

Important! After the jacket dries, its surface should be treated with hand cream. It will help soften the effect of turpentine and return the product to its elasticity and softness.

Another tool that will help to give your beloved thing a presentable look is petroleum jelly. A thin layer of ointment evenly applied to the material will return the skin its lost shine.

Important! Goldfinches in the old days, who wore leather clothes during revolutions and wars, restored their original appearance with the help of a regular bow. For this, the onion was cut in half and the material was rubbed in half. This was followed by polishing the skin with a soft cloth. However, since it is difficult to eliminate the onion smell, this method is not the most successful.

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Decorate a leather jacket

There are several ways to decorate a leather jacket and give it a completely new and unique look. Let's look at the options in more detail.

Draw and color

We will need:

  • Paints on the fabric.
  • Brushes.
  • The contours of the fabric.
  • Nail polish.


  • First you need to decide on the theme and location of the picture. For example, you can put beautiful patterns on the shoulders and sleeves, write or draw something on the back, paint the front sides of the jacket, and so on.

Important! If you are not very confident in your abilities as an artist, then it is better to use a stencil. You can do it yourself or download it online.

  • First of all, you need to draw the contours of the future drawing.
  • Next, with the help of paints proceed to coloring. If you need only some patterns, then you can do only with colored contours.
  • After the paints are completely dry, you should cover the picture with a special spray-varnish for the skin.

Important! The paints you take for drawing can also be used as sprays. You can also use an airbrush.


We will need:

  • Adhesive for decoupage.
  • Napkins with a bright print.
  • Paints on the fabric.
  • Nail scissors.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Brushes.
  • Sponge.
  • Nail polish.


  1. First you should cut out the parts that you like from napkins.
  2. Next - with glue, you need to glue on the jacket the basics (white layer) of previously prepared decor elements.
  3. Then they are primed with white paint on the fabric, drying and applying bright details on top of the painted substrates.
  4. All this is fixed with glue and left to dry.
  5. After drying, if necessary, you can tint the top with paints, drying each element with a hairdryer.
  6. At the end, the drawing is covered with spray varnish and left to dry for a day.


Safety pins

For this method, to decorate a leather jacket, we need a lot of safety pins. Everything is simple here: with the help of pins, you need to saktsentiruyut some details of the jacket or to form original patterns from them.

Important! When hanging such jewelry on your jacket, remember that you should not poke pins - after each puncture, small holes remain on the skin.

Spikes, rhinestones and fabric applications

We will need:

  • Spikes, pebbles, all kinds of rhinestones, fabric with an interesting image.
  • Rubber glue for the skin.
  • Scissors.
  • Doublerin.


  1. Plan your future pattern.
  2. Next - with glue, carefully fix the rhinestones, pebbles, spikes and other hard decor elements in their place.
  3. Stick fabric dye elements with glue for the skin.

Important! Rhinestones look very impressive on separate parts of the jacket - pockets, shoulder strap, collar

Make a fringe, cut out the patterns

For this decoration option we need only a sharp knife. Before you start work, you need to come up with your version of the decoration. It can be: carved patterns, fringe, cells, decorative stitches and much more.

Important! Do not work on a wooden or plastic surface with the sharpest knife possible.

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Contamination Prevention

As the famous proverb says: "Purely where they do not litter." The leather thing will not have to be restored if it is used correctly:

To extend the life of genuine leather clothes, you don’t need to wash them, especially with a washing machine - after that, the material may become rougher.

Having fallen without an umbrella in the rain, outer clothing should be hung on a hanger and left to dry in a well-ventilated area, for example, on a balcony. After this, you need to rub the jacket with an ordinary hand cream.

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Now you are armed with all the necessary information in order to properly clean your expensive thing in time, update it, restore, decorate or even change the look. Use these tips and you will be surprised how much it will be beneficial for you!

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