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One of the criteria for choosing shoes and clothes is a manufacturing company. A well-known brand is convenience, safety and materials of the highest quality. With all the variety of the assortment on the market, without special knowledge it is difficult to choose good shoes that will last for more than one year. Therefore, in this article you will find information about the best shoe brands, the review of which you can safely navigate when buying.

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Criterias of choice

When choosing, you need to pay attention to such points:

  1. The material of manufacture. The best products are made of calf, pig or goat skin. The skin of the calves is solid, durable, resistant to any weather conditions, but the products from it look somewhat rude. Shoes made from pigskin have good “breathing” properties, but are afraid of moisture. Goat skin is thin, it can not be called strong. It makes ceremonial shoes for special occasions.
  2. Surface. It all depends on how and where you are going to wear the product. For example, suede shoes ideal for indoor use, the best “every day” option is a smooth surface. Lacquered shoes look beautiful, but these are ceremonial shoes that fit strictly under a certain type of clothing.
  3. Cost. Branded shoes are not cheap, but too high a price indicates not only and not so much about the good quality of the product, but about the availability of intermediaries.
  4. Convenience, beautiful appearance. Well, if both of these qualities are combined in one product. Reliable, even seams, solid hardware - all this refers to the criteria that determine good shoes.
  5. Place of purchase. Definitely, this is a company store.
  6. Country of Origin. Recognized world leaders in the production of shoes are the British and Italians. Cheaper, but also good shoes are made in Portugal and Turkey.


Now about how to choose high-quality and comfortable shoes specifically for your parameters:

  • The best time for shopping is in the late afternoon. During the day, the leg swells somewhat and increases in size. You do not risk getting tight shoes.
  • Do not neglect the fitting - put on the pair you like, walk in it, appreciate the comfort.
  • If you wear special shoe inlays, grab them with you.
  • A size figure means nothing (or almost nothing). Shoes can be small or large. For example, if you wear the usual size 37, do not be surprised that you are comfortable in shoes 36 and 40.
  • If you make purchases through the online store, use the dimensional grid, measure the stop immediately before purchase. The size of the legs changes throughout life, so it’s not a fact that you will fit the shoes that you wore 10 years ago.

And now - a list of the best shoe brands in the world.


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CATERPILLAR - style and practicality

This brand is mainly engaged in the production of boots and low shoes in casual, classic and sporty styles. According to many buyers, men's and women's shoes of this brand are of excellent quality and reliability. Price category - medium. You can choose products for any season, which will not fail in any weather. Rubber sole, holds well, does not come off.


The main advantages:

  • Great quality, can be worn for several years.
  • Reasonable cost.

There are no obvious flaws, although no one has canceled the risk of marriage.

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NIKE - for sports

This, perhaps, if not the most, then one of the most famous companies in the world engaged in the production of sneakers and sneakers. The popularity of the company is not only the result of competent marketing. High-quality, comfortable and stylish models have earned well-deserved recognition among people of all ages. Therefore, the brand is included in the ranking of the best shoe brands.


Product prices vary greatly. The company produces both budget products and premium items. At the same time, quality is the best in different cost categories. Shoes are suitable not only for sports, but also for everyday wear.


  • An opportunity to choose good inexpensive shoes.
  • Excellent quality of materials used.
  • The ability to choose products for various sports: basketball, jogging, etc.
  • Extensive assortment for women and men.

Disadvantage: thick sole (not everyone likes it).

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Products of this company combine stylish design, application of innovative production technologies and remarkable quality. All this makes ECCO products one of the most common. The assortment of the company includes boots, sandals, shoes and sneakers. Their cost is quite high, but branded stores often hold promotions with good discounts.



  • Excellent quality.
  • An extensive selection of shoes.
  • Stocks with a significant reduction in the price of goods.

Disadvantage: high cost.

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RALF RINGER - the best European quality

This company has been on the market for a long time - since 1996, at first the company specialized exclusively in men's shoes, today it produces a diverse range of products for children and women. Given the excellent quality, product prices are relatively low. The vast majority of reviews are good. There is nothing surprising in this; the products will last you a long time.



  • Convenience.
  • Acceptable prices.
  • The highest level of quality.

There are no significant minuses.

Now about the companies whose main “horse” is women's shoes. If you want to look modern and stylish without fearing about quality, pay attention to such companies.

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This is one of the best Italian companies for the production of casual and classic models. The company is distinguished by its own developments. In particular, a special plantar membrane from GEOX is known. It allows the skin to breathe and does not leak moisture.



  • A variety of collections of men's, women's and children's shoes.
  • Membrane breathable sole.
  • Moisture resistant.

The downside, like most branded products, is the high cost.

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This is an example of German quality, comfort and convenience. You can not be afraid of durability: shoes will serve you for several seasons. The assortment is very extensive.

Important! According to individual customer reviews, RIEKER products do not behave the best in difficult weather conditions.



  • Comfortable to wear.
  • A good choice.
  • Durability.

Disadvantage: shoes do not tolerate severe frosts.

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The products of this company from the Netherlands have been able to gain recognition in many countries. The price categories of these products are different, each year the company produces up to 4 new collections. Prices depend on which model you have chosen. There is an opportunity to buy very good budget products.

Bronx Indira Ankle boots Leather Women39s shoes Bronze and Gold PQ20052_0


  • Availability of collections in different cost categories.
  • High quality products.

Disadvantages: they simply do not.

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CLARKS - sophistication and delicate taste

The company offers a wide range of products for all seasons. There are interesting models for men. Products are far from cheap, but it is a payment for unusual design and comfort.



  • Convenience, durability.
  • Quality materials.

Disadvantage: high prices.

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When choosing shoes, be sure to consider the climate in the region where you live, as well as your foot size. Do not try to take a number less. Shoes are not a tool of torture. Do not neglect dimensional tables. We hope that you can learn useful information from the article. Good luck to you!

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