Rubber shoe care

In rainy weather or slush, so as not to spoil leather or other types of shoes, rubber boots are the best option. At first glance, such shoes give the impression that you don’t need to take care of them, but this is an erroneous opinion. In fact, rubber shoe care is needed, but it is not very difficult.

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What are rubber boots?

A few years ago, boots became popular among young people, and before they were only worn by small children and men for fishing. The secret of popularity is its ease of wear, price, and the fact that they fit both jeans and a light dress.

The assortment of models presented in modern stores is different: you can see boots with heels, wedges, colored and even white. The purpose of such shoes is to protect the legs from water.

Important! No need to walk all day in rubber shoes. The legs swell, they can hurt, and breathing in the skin also worsens. Therefore, if you decide to get into them in bad weather at work, so as not to get your feet wet, you should not flaunt the whole day around the office, even if your boots are the most fashionable thing. Take care of removable shoes.

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How to care for rubber shoes?

In order for your designer model or the most ordinary rubber boots to maintain their integrity and serve you as long as possible, properly protecting from torrential rains and puddles “knee-deep”, after you come from the street, proceed as follows:

  1. Take a clean cloth.
  2. Wipe it with the entire surface of the shoe outside.
  3. If the boots are very dirty, wash and dry them with a dry cloth.
  4. Wash your insoles from boots once every few months.
  5. Occasionally coat your boots with oil polish with rubber glue for shine.

Important! There are types of rubber shoes that you can and even need to wash inside. Do not wear shoes made of such material on a hot day - it deteriorates and burns out.

Helpful hints:

  1. For long-term storage, rubber boots should be lubricated with glycerin.
  2. Wrap either in paper or newspaper and put in a dry place. Not hot.
  3. Do not put boots in the closet where the naphthalene was. From naphthalene, they become coarse, and a light model may lose its color.
  4. Sometimes there is such a case that the leg does not fit into the narrow leg of the boot. In this case, an elastic stocking will help you. Put it in the boot and put it on. The leg will fit without problems. Easy to pull out the stocking.
  5. Be sure to put insoles inside - best if they are warm.
  6. Do not wear woolen socks with such shoes - they will often tear.
  7. White rubber boots can be cleaned with an ordinary eraser for pencils (eraser). It must be soft and clean.
  8. Light rubber becomes pinkish if it gets old - if you notice this phenomenon, it's time to think about a new pair.
  9. Keep such shoes away from gasoline, kerosene and various oils.
  10. If you have colored boots, clean them with petroleum jelly. After that, they will shine, but will not burst and crack.
  11. Near heating appliances drying boots made of such material is prohibited.

Important! If there were no special inserts complete with boots, you can not buy them. Read about how to sew liners in rubber boots with your own hands.

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Rubber shoe repair

If you have a pair of boots leaking, then the best way out of the situation is to buy another pair, the same ones. But there are people more stubborn and persistent, who will try to glue themselves. It is quite possible. The main thing is to act correctly.


  1. Inspect the leak.
  2. Pick up the patch. It should be suitable both in color and texture.
  3. Flatten the patch using sandpaper.
  4. Moisten a cloth in acetone.
  5. Wipe the patches with it.
  6. Apply glue.
  7. After you reapply the glue, only then you can glue the patch.

Important! If you suddenly want to change the design of your boots, you can try to implement this at home. Find out, how to color shoes including rubber boots.

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Who in childhood did not like to run through the puddles, and if the habit has still not gone away, with the above tips you can not be afraid of rain and sleet and always remain stylish and attractive. Wear rubber boots for your pleasure and do not forget to look after them in time!

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