Liquid powder - convenient, effective or practical?

The modern market of household chemicals offers housewives a wide selection of various cleaning and detergents. The main purpose of such substances is to improve living conditions, as well as easier maintenance of cleanliness in the house. One of the novelties is liquid detergent for washing, which has certain advantages over bulk solids familiar to us. In this article, we will consider the positive properties of a liquid detergent for washing clothes and figure out how to use it correctly to get the maximum result.

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What is liquid laundry detergent?

Coming to a household chemistry store, most housewives get lost in choosing the most suitable detergent among the variety of modern assortment. Liquid laundry detergent powders are gelled and are sold as highly concentrated formulations. It is due to the high concentration of the composition that it is possible to significantly reduce its consumption to achieve an excellent result.

Since this tool is only gaining popularity among housewives, many people have a question: how to use liquid powder in an automatic machine? In fact, there are two ways to pour detergent into the unit:

  1. A special tray, which is located in front-loading machines on the front panel, and in vertical-type machines, is built into the sunroof.

Important! For this type of load, the liquid washing powder should not have a very high density. Otherwise, the substance will be poorly washed off the surface of the tray, which will lead to lower washing intensity, as well as adversely affect the performance of your washing machine.

  1. A more effective method is to add liquid powder for washing clothes directly into the drum of the machine. This application is especially relevant for thick products with a high concentration.

Important! To prevent the concentrate from draining into the drain, add a small amount of water to the drum. This will contribute to a good dissolution of the substance and greater washing efficiency. Variants of liquid products that are packaged in special capsules by the manufacturer are very practical.

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Which powder is better - liquid or dry?

Most housewives are quite skeptical of various new products in the household chemicals market and prefer old and tested dry powders for washing clothes. However, dry matter very often causes an allergic reaction in family members and often has a rather unpleasant heavy odor.

Important! Often after washing, it turns out that the powder was not completely rinsed from a special compartment, and this leads to insufficient rinsing of things and the appearance of unpleasant white stains on the fabric. Such troubles are associated with the viscosity of the wet powder, which interferes with its correct and unhindered washing out. By the way, this factor also depends on the quality of the product you have chosen. So if you are still more comfortable with the familiar granular version, be sure to check out our ratings of such products:

Benefits of Liquid Powder

Unlike dry powder, liquid laundry detergents have the following advantages:

  1. The capacity with this tool is very easy to store, and how much liquid powder to pour into the washing machine, the attached instructions and dispenser will tell you.
  2. The economic profitability of such detergents is due to the high concentration of the active substance.
  3. Liquid concentrates are highly soluble in water of any temperature, and therefore well rinsed from the fabric surface.
  4. The composition of these products is more environmentally friendly than that of bulk materials, and therefore the chance of allergic reactions and respiratory tract irritation is reduced.
  5. A wide variety of volumes allows you to choose the most suitable dosage of a substance for you at an affordable cost.
  6. The gel or concentrated product is practical in storage, as it is sold in a convenient sealed package that prevents spilling and wetting of the substance.
  7. Most varieties of liquid laundry detergent have a pleasant and fresh aroma, however, there are compounds that do not contain phosphates and fragrances.
  8. During washing, such a powder does not leave stains and stains on the fabric surface.
  9. They are optimal for curing heavy dirt and are gentle to fabrics.

Important! As for the usual dry detergent, one can note such factors in his favor:

  • for processing large quantities of linen, it is more convenient;
  • it is such a tool that allows you to more effectively wash heavily contaminated things, in contrast to gels, which are more sensitive to tissues and do not always wash out long-stained dirt.

But this is only under the condition that you will purchase fairly expensive products from reliable, trusted manufacturers. Otherwise, the effect will be the same.

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Which liquid powder to choose?

The variety of offers of household chemicals is truly amazing and confuses most housewives. What is the best tool for washing clothes, because all manufacturers lure consumers with bright packages of various sizes and promises of an ideal result. The most popular and sought after products are from the following manufacturers of household chemicals.


The Laska trademark offers liquid powder for washing a variety of fabrics, which has a white condensed color. This tool can be used for both hand washing and washing machine. To date, the liquid laundry detergent “Weasel” is available in two versions - “White Magic” and “Color Shine”.

Important! This tool copes with stains of dirt, rid the fabric of the formed spools and prevents the formation of new ones. Also, after washing with a concentrated detergent for this brand, the fabric returned to its original color.


A liquid product from a world famous manufacturer can be used in washing machines of various designs. The tool has a minimal consumption to achieve an excellent result, which is explained by the special complex of elements included in its composition.

Such a concentrate must be poured directly into the drum of the washing machine. In household chemical stores, it is sold in bottles of 3 liters each, which lasts for approximately 65 washes. This volume of liquid concentrate replaces approximately 9 kg of dry laundry detergent. Manufacturers recommend the use of this detergent for synthetics.

Important! Having bought Tide liquid powder, you will learn how to use it by reading the instructions on the package. From the information provided by the manufacturer, you can make sure that the concentrate does not contain bleaching substances, and therefore is absolutely safe for washing colored items.


Persil washing liquid powder has all the properties of a free-flowing agent, but does not allow stains and traces of undissolved detergent to appear on the fabric surface.

Important! The special chemical formula provides the concentrate with excellent solubility properties, which allows the gel to penetrate deep into the fabric texture and carefully remove most of the bored spots.

Eared Nannies

Very popular today are liquid and liquid care products for children from the Eared Nannies brand. This stain remover is suitable for washing with a machine, as well as for manual washing. Thanks to a specially developed formula, the concentrated product easily copes with the task of removing such complex contaminants as fruits, berries, chocolate, grass and products of children's vital activity.

Eared Nannies liquid concentrate has a hypoallergenic composition that will protect your baby's skin from irritation and allergic reactions.

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In this article, we examined all the features and basic properties of a concentrated gel detergent for washing clothes. Which powder is better - liquid or dry - is up to you, based on the characteristics of the task. We sincerely hope that washing will bring you pleasure, and that things will please you with their cleanliness and freshness.

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