What can be made of jeans?

Each person will find in his wardrobe a beloved pair of jeans that is no longer worn by time and various adventures, which you no longer wear, but your arm does not rise. Jeans clothes are very comfortable, practical and gorgeous. The great couturier Yves Saint Laurent was very sorry that he did not invent blue jeans, because: “They are expressive and restrained. They have the call of sex and simplicity. ” But I would like to add that this is also a universal thing: clothes, furniture, accessories - this is what can be made from jeans.

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A brief excursion into history

In May 1873, an emigrant from Bavaria, Leyba Strauss received a patent for the manufacture of “working overalls”. Such clothes were intended for miners and gold miners. It was made from dense hemp canvas, which was also used for sewing tents. Work overalls were strapless, but with pockets for a knife, money and watches.

Leiba Strauss or Levi Straus (as the Americans called him) entered the history of fashion forever. Its fabric will become the most popular for many generations. Bales of cloth were brought from the Italian city of Genoa. The Genes stamp put on them, the Americans read it as jeans.

Of course, the fabric was a little like the one we now call a denim, because the characteristic blue color appeared completely by accident. At the jeans factory, the tarpaulin ended and was replaced with a dense blue twill, which was provided by the French city of Nimes, although the dye was also supplied by Genoa. Since those days, blue jeans began to be called “denim”, since De Nimes translates as “brought from Nimes”. So the ancestor of your favorite jeans trousers are sails on the ship of Christopher Columbus himself.

Jeans were bought up at the speed of the wind, because they were made of cotton, not leather, which means you can wash them often. Thanks to the many pockets and pockets, the jeans product was the perfect work clothing, but it was the pockets that were the first to tear on the trousers, so they soon began to rivet. As a result, riveted jeans appeared.

Important! By the middle of 20 tbsp. almost all middle-income Americans began to wear jeans clothes, and even women who won their right to trousers. Hippies made a special contribution to jeans fashion, since with their appearance not only trousers, but also sundresses, jackets, dresses and even bags were sewn from jeans. Jeans worn down to holes were cut off under shorts and skirts, they were changed into backpacks and bags. Especially creative people managed to sew even bedding, toys, and, oddly enough, evening dresses from this material. Thanks to this, today we can talk about what can be made of jeans if they have already “outlived” their own.

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What can be made of jeans?

The list of denim products can be limited only by your imagination. If a couple of old jeans are gathering dust in your closet, do not rush to throw them in the bin, as they can easily turn into trim for old furniture, a rug, accessories. A tired couple can simply be updated with various stripes, embroidery, decor, even painting with paints. Include all your imagination and breathe new life into old jeans, and we will offer you to consider interesting ideas for remaking.

Important! Many have already used such options on their things, but everyone who took them to solve the question of what can be made of jeans always received a product unique in design.

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One of the options for remaking old trousers is turning them into a skirt, which is combined with many shirts, jackets, shirts, sweaters.

You will need:

  • a pair of old jeans;
  • sewing machine;
  • threads
  • centimeter;
  • crayon;
  • the steamer.

Alteration technology looks like this:

  1. Measure the required length of the finished skirt with a centimeter on jeans.
  2. Chalk a line and cut. Remember to add a few centimeters to allowance.
  3. Open the inner seams (front and back) to the zipper.
  4. Lay one front half on the other and sew.
  5. Lay the back half on top of one another and sew over the old stitch.

Important! So that your new skirt does not look ordinary, try decorating it with stripes, embroidery, or stick rhinestones on clothes. So, you will not only perfectly solve the question of what can be made of jeans, but it is likely to add a new beautiful thing to your wardrobe, which can also be worn to go out.

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One of the most popular options for making jeans is a bag. The fashionable reticule will be made of narrow women's trousers, and from spacious men's pants you can create a roomy bag for walking, a picnic, or a fashionable beach accessory.

Option 1

To make a reticule, you will need:

  • old jeans;
  • threads and needles;
  • scissors;
  • pins
  • bright tie for the handle;
  • sewing machine;
  • crayon;
  • vintage style brooch.

Getting started:

  1. First of all, cut off the trouser leg trousers just below the back pockets so that you get short shorts.
  2. Remove coarse seams.
  3. Turn the trousers inside out.
  4. Sew back and front together.
  5. Fasten the bottom edge with thin pins.
  6. Sew on the sewing machine.
  7. Turn the product to the front side
  8. To the main part of the bag you need to make a handle from a man’s tie: pass the accessory into the side front loops and fix it in the fly area with a vintage brooch.

Important! In addition to jeans, other materials can also be used to make such accessories. Browse our workshops and use the suggested ideas to make original bags with your own hands:

Option 2

To make a bag for small things, picnic snacks, you will need:

  • old jeans;
  • needle with thread;
  • pins
  • awl;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • straps: one 10 cm long with a buckle, one 40 cm long with holes and another 2 3 cm long.

Getting started:

  1. Cut off the leg of your old trousers by about ½ (40 cm).
  2. Turn the trouser leg inside out, the top seam will be the top of the bag.
  3. Sew the opposite edge on the typewriter.
  4. Sew the corners so that you get a triangle (with the legs turned out on the front side, the corners will be rounded).
  5. Punch holes at one end of a long lace with an awl.
  6. Sew a long string on one side of the leg, starting from the center.
  7. Use a small piece of a 3 cm long belt to make a loop.
  8. Sew the strap with the buckle to the bottom so that you can fasten the belt.

Important! It is not necessary to clearly follow the suggested instructions to cope with the task of what can be done from jeans. You can easily resize or design your bag at your discretion.

Here are some ideas to help you. decorate the bag with simple materials.

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Mat cover

Covers for rugs, which are necessary for practicing yoga, are quite difficult to find, and they cost more than the rugs themselves. You can make a convenient bag for the rug with your own hands from old jeans.

For work you will need:

  • old jeans;
  • sewing machine;
  • pins
  • scissors.

Get started:

  1. Cut one leg - the basis for the future cover.The length of the leg should be slightly longer than the length of the mat (15 cm).
  2. Turn the trouser leg inside out.
  3. Fold the cooked leg with a seam inward.
  4. Sew the edge on the typewriter. This will be the bottom of your cover.
  5. Turn the leg up on the front side.
  6. Fold the second edge by turning the trouser leg inside out.
  7. Fasten the edge with pins, since the bending width depends on the length of the mat, then place it inside and check that it fits completely.
  8. Sew the edge in a circle, leaving a hole for the lace.
  9. Take any thick lace or make it from the second leg, cutting a strip with a seam.
  10. Using a safety pin, insert the lace into the top of the leg from the wrong side.
  11. Turn the leg up on the front side.
  12. Pull the ends of the lace through the hole in the top of the leg.
  13. The handle for the cover can be made of a strip about 10 cm wide cut from the second leg: fold it several times and sew it on the machine along the entire length.
  14. Sew one edge of the handle to the top cover and the other to the bottom of the cover.

Important! In the same way, you can make a cover out of jeans not only for this rug, but also for other household items you need.

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Short denim shorts

The most ideal clothes for hot summer days are short summer shorts. And it is not necessary to run after them to the store, they are easy to do with your own hands. This is exactly what most people who ask what can be made of jeans do.

You will need:

  • a pair of old jeans;
  • scissors;
  • shallow.

Work in this order:

  1. Measure on the old jeans the required length.
  2. Draw 1 more hem line. If you want to leave the edges of the shorts torn, this does not need to be done.
  3. Fold the old jeans in half, align the line of the belt and align the seams.
  4. First cut off one leg and then another.

Short design

You can give the shorts a hooligan look by scuffing the edges or making a fringe using tweezers, since if you do this with your hands, it will take a lot of time.

When the shorts are ready, think about the decor:

  1. You can paint them or whiten jeans at home.
  2. The ombre effect looks fashionable (several colors are applied in turn, one after another, and the borders mix).
  3. You can use a stencil to make a separate drawing: apply a contour marker on the shorts and paint over with acrylic paints.
  4. Denim shorts can be decorated with other fabrics; for a romantic style, use an ornament carved from knitted napkins. Or you can make lace decor, and not only shorts.
  5. A fringe sewn along the hem of pockets will give a cowboy look to the shorts.

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All kinds of jewelry made from non-standard materials are very popular today. Therefore, show your imagination by trying on what to make of jeans. Pieces of jeans can be useful for creating hair bands, hairpins, making necklaces, bracelets, brooches. A little effort, imagination and skill - and you will create exclusive jewelry that will attract the attention of not only friends, but also representatives of the opposite sex.


For a denim necklace you will need:

  • old jeans;
  • needle with thread;
  • tape;
  • lace;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cut 40 jeans circles with a diameter of 2 cm.
  2. Prepare 20 lace circles with a diameter of 2 cm.
  3. Cut out the denim base for the necklace.
  4. Sew the tape to the base from both ends.
  5. Put lace on the jeans circle, and put glue in the center.
  6. Squeeze a circle in the center so that you get a kind of flower. Performing the same procedure with the rest of the circles, you get half pure jeans circles, and half - combined.
  7. Glue the flowers to the base with glue so that lace with jeans alternate

Decor for accessories

From scraps of denim you can make original flowers that will become decorations for bags, shoes, clothes. Making them very simple:

  1. Cut 4 petals in the shape of a figure eight, 1 in the shape of a leaf, and 1 - round.
  2. Collect the petals in half to make a figure eight and sew on the back.
  3. Cut the leaves and circles with scissors from the edges to get a fringe.
  4. Gather all the parts of the flower together.
  5. Sew carefully.

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Other interesting ideas

Even the above and the following options are far from a complete list of what can be made from jeans. Here are a few more ideas that you will surely like and will become the basis for your creativity:

  1. Original slippers for the home. Thanks to denim, they will turn out to be very comfortable and quite durable.
  2. Apron. It is easy to make from the back of old jeans, it is convenient to use in the kitchen or in the workshop, thanks to the pockets.
  3. Mat. It is sewn from jeans stripes. Details can be alternated by fantasizing with colors in random order. Another dense fabric is suitable for decoration.
  4. Blanket or bedding for a picnic. For the manufacture of such a product, it is necessary to carefully conduct all measurements and cut a large number of square patterns, which will then be sewn together. The edges of the blanket can be treated with strips of cotton. It is not necessary to sew a blanket from the same-sized squares.
  5. Stand for hot pots and cups. To make the stand you will need long, thick strips with seams that are sewn together into one long and rolled up.
  6. Toys for children, pets. For example, you can make a whale or a bear. It all depends on your imagination. For a dog, you can roll a rectangle cut from jeans into a roll and tie it into a knot.
  7. Pillowcase for pillow. It will give the interior coziness and add some zest. The decor of pillows also depends on your imagination.
  8. Organizers Take tight boxes as a basis and sew them in jeans pockets that are useful for storing various tools and stationery. Pockets can be sewn in various ways: horizontally, vertically, randomly. So you get floor organizers. You can also make a wall organizer, securing the same pockets on the canvas.
  9. Furniture. You can start with a simple pouf, and end with a whole sofa. The main thing is inspiration and a furniture stapler.
  10. Hammock for a summer residence. A little effort - and the old jeans will turn into a great hammock.
  11. Denim gifts. From old jeans with your own hands you can make gifts to relatives and friends. It can be photo frames, cases for champagne or wine, covers for albums and books.
  12. Bag holster for tools.
  13. Interior items: lampshade, chest, tablecloth, chair covers, benches.
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Give your old jeans a second life, making them useful, beautiful, own hand-made crafts.

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