How to arrange furniture in a small kitchen?

The kitchen is the most visited room in the apartment, so it should be comfortable and cozy. Often the question of how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen is problematic for the owners, because you need to create a practical and functional interior, while trying to visually increase the space. We will talk about how to make a small space convenient for the hostess and properly place equipment and furniture in this article.

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Major mistakes

People who are not connected with interior design in everyday life can make such basic mistakes when arranging furniture in a small kitchen:

  • Installation of bulky furniture. A large set when arranging furniture in a small kitchen is unacceptable, since it takes up a lot of space and visually reduces the space. You should choose compact furniture, with long upper cabinets and spacious storage systems.

Important! The overall upper cabinets can be replaced with open shelves.

  • The desire to accommodate everything. Attempts in a small kitchen to create a full dining and working area lead to the fact that a small kitchen room becomes cramped and cluttered. It is better to replace the dining table with a bar counter or take it out of the kitchen, thereby leaving more space for the working area.
  • Installation of ordinary doors. Standard doors that open into the room take a lot of the necessary space, which is already very small. It is better to make a stylish arch, install a sliding structure or folding partition.
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Design Tips for Proper Space Management

Important rules and designer's advice on how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen will help to create a tight and functional space.

Orientation selection

Having studied the layout of the kitchen, you can use one of the proposed options:

  • Linear Furniture is installed along one wall. The arrangement should begin with the organization of the working surface, and after that the rest of the furniture and equipment should be placed.

Important! This layout is the best solution for a narrow kitchen.

  • L or L-shaped. This arrangement involves the use of an angular headset, while the corner of the room is involved as efficiently as possible.

Important! In the corner set you can place a lot of kitchen utensils.

  • Double row. Furniture with this layout is installed along one wall (usually along a long one), while the opposite one has a bar counter or a folding table.

Important! Two-row layout involves the removal of the dining area outside the kitchen, as an option - on the insulated balcony.


Placement Functionality

To facilitate the cooking process and free movement in the kitchen, you need to properly arrange furniture and appliances. For a small kitchen, designers recommend these options for arranging elements:

  • The rule of the triangle. It is no secret that the main movements of the hostess during cooking are: refrigerator, sink and stove. The essence of this option is that these key elements are the vertices of the triangle, and the routes of movement between them are the sides of the triangle. The length of such a “side” should not be more than 2.7 meters.This placement option can be implemented by placing these elements with the letter G.
  • Letter P. Having placed the main elements in this way, you can, without making unnecessary movements, reach the stove or get products without leaving the sink. Perhaps this arrangement is the best for a small kitchen.

Furniture selection

How to arrange furniture in a small kitchen for a practical and comfortable interior? When choosing a headset, give preference to ergonomic and multifunctional designs:

  • Corner cupboard. An indispensable element for a small kitchen room is this item. This is due to the fact that the corner of the room will be maximally involved, and many kitchen utensils can be placed in it. And by installing a storage system such as a carousel, you can easily get the dishes or appliance you need.
  • Drawers. If we talk about practicality, then in comparison with swing wings, it is better to choose drawers. They are more compact, it is convenient to store many useful kitchen trifles and accessories in them, having free access to them.

Important! Do not install drawers near the stove if you have a small child in your home. On them, he can climb to the stove and get burns.

  • Sill-countertop. If you equip the windowsill under a wide countertop, you can get a place to store household appliances such as a toaster, blender, coffee maker, as well as an additional work surface. You can decorate the window with rolled or Roman curtains, or use curtains in the style of a “cafe”.
  • Bar counter. Using a stylish and compact bar counter instead of a large dining table, you can get a great place for breakfast or a quick snack.
  • Lockers to the ceiling. Such furniture elements allow you to maximize the use of space. Use the top shelves to store things you rarely use.
  • Folding constructions. Folding chairs that extend from under the countertop table and chairs will perfectly help save space. The folding table, organized by one and free walls, will not take up much space either. You can have a comfortable breakfast after him.
  • Railing systems. Kitchen utensils can be placed on horizontal and vertical rails. Such systems do not take away the working surface, and by placing on them, for example, jars of spices or baskets of herbs, the cooking process will become convenient.
  • Depth of furniture. You can save more space for moving in a small kitchen when using furniture not of a standard depth of 60 cm, but, for example, 50 cm. This technique will not cause much damage to storage spaces, but will have a positive effect on the area of ​​the room.

Important! When planning the placement of furniture, it should be borne in mind that the distance between the work surface and the area for eating should be at least 90-120 cm.


Place for dining area

For a single-row, double-row or L-shaped arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen, placing a dining area by the window is well suited. It can be either a separate standing table or a continuation of the windowsill.

Important! In a small kitchen, do not place a dining table in the middle, as moving around the kitchen will be problematic.

With linear and L-shaped placement of furniture, you can arrange a dining place in the corner, complementing it with a small corner sofa, if, of course, the space allows.

Important! By installing a sofa, you can get an additional place to store kitchen utensils, in most cases they have special niches for these purposes.

In narrow and very small kitchens, it is best to place a table under the wall, you can choose any shape, or better, a folding model.

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Location of household appliances

The arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen depends on the placement of household appliances. In a small room, you need to think through and effectively use every millimeter of space.Some ideas for creating an interior.


A gas or electric stove can be replaced with a hob. At the same time, think about how often you use the four burners, it may be better to choose a compact model with 2 or 3.

Important! The gas surface should be placed at least 50 cm from the balcony door or window, as there is a risk that a gust of wind can extinguish the flame.


In a small kitchen, all tall objects are best placed at the edges so that there is no gap in the space of the countertop. When thinking about arranging furniture in a small kitchen, pay attention to which side the refrigerator door opens. In this case, the best option is if it opens to the nearest wall, and could open 90 degrees so that you can freely put or remove the necessary products from the refrigerator.

Important! In modern models of the refrigerator, you can change the side of the door opening.

Before purchasing a refrigerator, carefully consider its size and shape:

  • A narrow refrigerator takes up much less space;
  • A microwave can be installed on a low refrigerator;
  • The built-in mini-fridge can suit a family of one or two people.

Important! Choose the size of the refrigerator, depending on the number of family members and the stock of food for storage.


Before looking for a place for this large-sized household appliance, think about whether there is a need for it. Perhaps it is better to replace it with a multifunctional microwave, and arrange storage boxes in place of the oven. If you still need an oven, it is better to integrate it into the headset.

Important! Significantly save space allows the installation of devices on top of each other.



It is best for a microwave to equip a hanging shelf or place it on the brackets. Placed on a horizontal work surface, it takes up a lot of space.

You can place the microwave in the corner of the work surface - this part of the countertop is not very convenient to use, but it’s quite suitable for household appliances.

Washing machine and dishwasher

For these large-sized devices, it is best to choose places near the sink so that there is the possibility of unhindered connection to communications. Best of all, if this technique is hidden under a countertop, you can organize a work surface there.

Important! There are options for installing these devices on top of each other, in which case it is better to entrust this work to professionals.


The best option for installing the sink is its proximity to the sewer riser. A long drain pipe can be easily damaged and difficult to mask.

Important! If you still decide to transfer the sink from the pipe, the distance between the sewer and the sink should be no more than 3 meters.

It is better to separate the sink from the stove with a working surface with a width of 60 cm, so that unwanted splashes do not accidentally fall on the hot pan.

Cooker hood

This household appliance is simply necessary if you are actively involved in cooking processes. It can be built into the upper cabinets above the stove or organize a traditional one.

Important! You need to position the hood at a height of 65-70 cm from the hob. Increasing this distance (for people of high stature), you need to choose more powerful models.

Small household appliances

When planning how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen, do not forget about small household appliances - a combine, a mixer, a toaster, a blender, a coffee maker. Analyze which ones you use regularly and which ones from time to time, and plan special places for them.

For example, for a combine that you rarely use, you can allocate a place in the cabinet, but the toaster and coffee machine can be installed on shelves above the countertop.

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How to visually expand the space?

Having figured out how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen, you should proceed to the choice of colors and space finishes. Having picked them correctly, you can qualitatively modify the room, allowing you to forget about the small square meters of the area.

Color palette

The only right decision when arranging a modest-sized kitchen is to use light colors that fill the room with light:

  • The following colors and shades will add coziness and help expand the space: beige, pastel orange, golden, as well as sand tones interspersed with yellow, green or brown colors.
  • The interior will look stylish in soft blue or light pink colors.

Important! Dark shades will further narrow the small room.


In a small kitchen, it is better to abandon the use of contrasting combinations, since this technique contributes to the visual compression of space.

Important! The use of bright accessories as an accent is encouraged and allowed.



A large pattern is visually able to reduce space. Therefore, decorating a small kitchen, choose a wallpaper with a fine pattern or plain.


You can visually raise the ceiling by choosing a wallpaper with a vertical pattern or stripes. And horizontal stripes are able to visually expand the room.

Mirror and glossy surfaces

Choosing furniture with a glossy finish, mirror or glass inserts, you can additionally fill the room with light, adding depth to the space.

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Additional tips

When planning how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen, also use these tips:

  • All items that you will need in the process of cooking, place closer to the stove.
  • Give up bulky chandeliers. In a small kitchen, lighting should be carefully considered so that the furniture does not look bulky.
  • Depending on the height of the person, choose the height of the countertops. The standard height is usually 85 cm, but can vary up to 100 cm.
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Stock footage

In principle, the information received on how to place furniture in a small kitchen may be enough to make the room comfortable and convenient. Applying the acquired knowledge, you can get a visually more spacious room, which will sparkle with new colors. Getting to work, you will understand that it is not so easy to arrange a small room, so make a plan and carefully think over each design element. Consider several options, and, of course, you can achieve the desired result.

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