How to wipe nail polish without nail polish remover 🥝 rinse off acetone-free varnish

Beautiful manicure has always been an attribute that emphasizes the attractiveness of a woman. But over time, the varnish begins to peel off or break off, hinting that it is time to renew the manicure. And just at this moment, you may not have at hand a special product that dissolves this resistant makeup. What to do in this situation? In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to make and erase, rinse, remove varnish without liquid to remove varnish easily at home. We’ll immediately warn you that all these methods do not affect the nail plate in the best way, so it’s best to still get into the store for a special liquid without acetone.

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Alcohol or gasoline

If you accidentally have gasoline or alcohol in your home (although any strong alcohol may do), then proceed as follows:

  1. Moisten a cotton swab with alcohol.
  2. Apply to the nail plate for 2-3 minutes, so that the bright decor begins to dissolve.
  3. Wash your makeup as usual with a little pressure on the nail plate.

Important! Be patient, you will have to work hard over a thick layer.

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Varnish or its fixers

As they say, the wedge is kicked out by wedge. To erase nail polish without having a modern and safe solvent on hand, you just need to apply a new layer of your nail cosmetics or any fixative, base on top, and then quickly start to wash with cotton pads. Together with the new layer, the old one will go away. But the procedure will have to be repeated repeatedly if the manicure was applied in a thick layer.

Important! Use light shades to pick up pigment.

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Deodorant Spray or Perfume

Almost any girl has a deodorant or perfume water based on alcohol in everyday life, so finding them will not be difficult. So, if you were wondering how to update a nail decor without acetone, this tip should help you. Spray generously with perfume or a deodorant spray on cotton wool and begin to wash the varnish.

Important! Ventilate the room if you want to use this method. It is also necessary to carefully handle the deodorant, since its use is supposed to be at a distance from the skin.

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Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide

The effectiveness of this method is called into question, but if the house does not have anything of the above, it’s worth a try. As in the previous methods, it is necessary to apply the product (vinegar or peroxide) on a cotton swab, and then start rubbing the nail plate. Will have to work harder, as these substances are a weak solvent.

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Polish for hair

You can replace the nail polish remover with regular hair spray. Wet them with a cotton pad and start to erase the manicure.

Important! Remember that the hair styling agent dries very quickly, so you will not have time to linger.

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This method is quite dangerous - both for the skin of the hands and for the nail plate, so it should be used only as a last resort. To quickly cope with the task, apply acetone to a cotton swab and quickly remove the old manicure, so as not to injure the skin and nails.

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Nail polish remover

In cosmetic stores, they sell a wonderful miracle remedy that does not injure your nails and perfectly removes the old decor. It is enough to draw a pencil over the layer of varnish, as in its place will be a clean nail plate.

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We hope that our advice came in handy and even in the greatest hurry, you can update your accidentally damaged or old manicure, because now you know how to erase the varnish without a special liquid.

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