Where to pour air conditioning in the washing machine?

It is not necessary to use an air conditioner when washing, but many housewives, especially those with automatic machines, use it. For those who start washing for the first time, the question always arises of where the tray is located, what the letters or numbers on the compartments mean, and where to pour the product. In particular, where to pour air conditioning in the washing machine. We’ll talk about this now.

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What is an air conditioner?

Conditioner is a product that softens linen and its pleasant aroma. Of course, it is not always needed, but if you wash bedding, knitwear and other things that, by definition, should be soft, it is difficult to do without a softener. Apply it when rinsing.

Important! Some people may have an allergic reaction to air conditioning.

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Washing machines - what are they?

Before you begin to figure out where to put the air conditioner in the washing machine, let's see what the detergent tray in the automatic machine is in general and where it is located.

In modern apartments there are two types of automatic machines. They differ in how linen is loaded there, and are divided into models:

  • with vertical loading;
  • with front loading.

Important! Before you arrange the first wash, properly consider the unit. This is useful to do, even if the machine is new and all the documentation for it is in perfect order. It is especially important to get acquainted with the unit if you bought the device with your hands and the documents for it are lost.

Top loading machine

For top-loading household appliances, the detergent tray is at the top. As a rule, manufacturers place it on the left, but for some models this part is on the right side, so don't let it bother you.

Front loading machines

In this case, the tray is located directly under the lid, that is, on its inner side. You will see him right away. And such an arrangement - for all models of automatic machines of this type.

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View tray

On closer inspection, you will see that the detergent tray is divided into three unequal parts. For some models, the compartments are also painted in different colors, so that it was easier for the housewives to navigate. There is a large capacity, there is less and there is the smallest. What compartment is needed for what, where to pour air conditioning in the washing machine? This will tell the numbers or letters.

Compartments, unless they are multi-colored, are marked:

  • letters of the latin alphabet;
  • Arabic numerals
  • Roman numerals
  • one of them may have an asterisk or flower.

What do letters and numbers mean?

  1. On one of the compartments you can see the designation A, 1 or II. This compartment is medium in size. A detergent intended for prewash or soak is placed here. Of course, if you decide to do without these modes, the compartment will remain empty.
  2. On the largest compartment you can see the Latin letter B, the Arabic numeral 2 or Roman II. This is the main capacity, it is here that the detergent for the main wash is poured or poured. The compartment labeled B, 1, or II is almost always filled - except when the detergent is placed directly inside the drum.
  3. Finally, the smallest compartment is marked with an asterisk or flower. Some manufacturers designate it with the letter C; markings such as the Arabic or Roman “troika” may also occur. This is the compartment you need, where the air conditioner is poured. Sometimes it is divided into two parts - liquid starch or bleach is poured into the second container.

Important! There are models in which the compartment for the softener can be identified without any marking, because it has an internal capacity removed. The design of this compartment is such that during pre-wash or main wash, the air conditioner is not washed out of the compartment.

If the notation is erased

But what if you bought a car with your hands or your friends gave it to you - do you have any documents or signs? The main wash compartment is fairly easy to identify:

  1. Fill the washing machine with water, but do not lay laundry.
  2. Select the main wash without soaking.
  3. Leave the tray half open.
  4. Look into which of the compartments water will immediately start flowing - this is the compartment for the main wash.

Important! The compartment where to pour the fabric softener is easy to recognize just by size. For all models, this compartment is smaller than the others.

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When to pour air conditioning into the washing machine?

You have found the correct compartment. Now it’s important to understand when to pour air conditioning and other detergents into the washing machine. This should be done at the very beginning of the wash. Do not be afraid that the softener will fall into the water during the main wash or soak. The tray is designed so that this simply cannot happen. Therefore, the washing procedure will be as follows:

  1. Turn on the car.
  2. Put in it what you are going to wash.
  3. Depending on the mode selected, lay powder in one or two compartments.
  4. Lay down the air conditioner.
  5. Set the desired mode.

Important! It may also happen that you were not going to use the conditioner, and before the end of the washing you suddenly had the thought that it would be nice to soften the laundry. It's okay, the scrubber can be placed after the main wash, before rinsing. You can do this during washing, but you must definitely wait until the powder dissolves in other compartments.

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Can I put air conditioning in a drum?

Despite the prevailing opinion that detergents should not be poured into the drum of an automatic machine, sometimes it still has to be done. In particular, when it comes to air conditioning, it can be placed in a drum in the following cases:

  • if after a full wash cycle you decide to rinse the laundry again;
  • if you have a modern product in special packaging.

Important! This package is a container from which rinse aid is metered into the water in a strictly dosed manner. You can put such an air conditioner in the drum of the machine if you are not going to wash it anymore, but only intend to rinse the laundry well.

Other detergents

Detergents that are designed for basic washing or soaking can also sometimes be poured or poured directly into the drum. Activator type machines always do this because there are no powder trays.

But so do the mistresses of drum machines, if:

  • the machine is old and washing powder is poorly washed out of the compartment;
  • you use a thick gel that is difficult to pour out of the tray;
  • you have funds in special packaging;
  • you are using exotic remedies.

Important! In very old machines, the powder from the tray does not enter the water well, it does not dissolve completely, which leads to a very large consumption. Therefore, mistresses often get out of the situation by pouring powder directly into the drum. This is not the best way out, but the only one if there is no way to change the car yet.

Thick gel is poorly washed from trays and completely new machines. Therefore, it is poured into the drum. It does no harm to the car. The only thing you should pay attention to is not to pour the gel directly onto the laundry.

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Unusual funds

Manufacturers of household chemicals do not stand still and constantly offer their customers new and new detergents. Unusual remedies still include:

  • powders and liquids in special packaging;
  • soap nuts.

Powders and liquids in special packaging are designed to be placed in a drum. A package is a container, the substance from which is metered into water. Moreover, such detergents can be sold both directly in containers and in large bags, to which such a container is attached.

Soap nuts are becoming increasingly popular. These fruits of an exotic tree, coming from the tropics of Africa, do not cause allergies, have no smell, perfectly cope with any pollutants. The drum is placed in special bags.

Important! Bleach must not be placed in the drum - only in a special compartment!

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Stock footage

Well, that’s all the wisdom that will easily help you figure out your unit and determine where and when to pour air conditioning in the washing machine. Use these tools wisely, and then you really get the result that you expect when washing clothes.

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