Wiper blades - which are better?

Wiper blades always play an important role in a car, although few people pay attention to this. However, approximately every three months, each owner of the car should take time to replace this component, so as not to harm the front window of the car and protect its further use of personal vehicles. In this article we will talk about which wiper blades are better, and we will understand the ratings of reliable companies.

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When do I need to replace the wiper nozzles?

To make sure that the old cleaning nozzles are worthless, you just need to splash water from a glass and turn on the wipers. If they do not remove smudges and stains in two sweeps, then the brushes need to be changed urgently.

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Tips for choosing nozzles

Of course, we can’t say for sure the wiper blades - which ones are best for your car, because this is about the preferences of the user. But what to choose among hundreds of models to an inexperienced driver? How to decide what exactly you want?

There are several characteristics by which you can choose your nozzle:

  • Manufacturer. You can choose imported or domestic.
  • Type of coating “gum”. They are graphite, teflon or silicone.
  • Constructions. There are frame, frameless, as well as hybrid. They should be disassembled a little more

Wire frame brushes

This design appeared earlier than the rest, so it is not surprising that most drivers use it. The frame (or skeleton) of the brush consists of fairly elastic rocker arms and plates, the mobility of which gives the entire structure rigidity. This allows you to equally distribute moisture over the entire surface.

Important! Both frame and the best frameless brushes have a rubber blade that provides high-quality and noiseless cleaning of the windshield.

Such brushes have several advantages:

  • Low price.
  • Easy replacement.
  • The blades can be adjusted using ordinary scissors.

Important! In addition, there are a number of disadvantages:

  • Cannot be used in winter. Snow and excess moisture fetters the entire structure.
  • The brushes on the frame are very sensitive to sudden changes in air temperature.

Frameless Brushes

This type of nozzle appeared about 40 years ago. Unlike the design described above, they do not have a metal frame and look like one piece.

However, metal elements are still present in the best frameless brushes. For example, an evodium plate gives the rubber coating rigidity and the desired shape.

Frameless brushes have many advantages:

  • Attractive appearance.
  • Resistant to sudden changes in temperature.
  • High-quality glass cleaning due to tight fit to its surface.
  • Almost silent operation.

Important! Also, even the best frameless wiper blades can have the following disadvantages:

  • The main disadvantage is the cost. Frameless wiper blades are affordable for not every driver.
  • It often happens that the glass configuration prevents the wipers from showing all their advantages.


Hybrid design

The main feature of the best hybrid wiper blades is the combination of a rocker arm and hinges with a compact classic frame. The hybrid nozzle housing is split and usually consists of three elements.

Important! The frame provides wipers with a multi-point mode, which allows them to fit snugly to the glass, making the brushes universal.

Let's look at the positive features of this type of brush:

  • As mentioned above, they are universal, which means they are suitable for any glass.
  • Close contact of nozzles with glass even with high speed of work.
  • If you compare it with a frameless type with a spoiler, then the hybrid design has a small height.
  • Attractive appearance.

Important! Hybrid brushes have a few drawbacks:

  • High price. For high quality and safety you always need to pay extra.
  • In winter, snow can stick to the wipers and degrade the quality of work.
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The best wiper blades

Consider the most popular models and find out for yourself which wiper blades are better:

  • Bosch These German products offer items of fairly high quality. The manufacturer offers us a huge selection of wipers and nozzles for them at a very attractive price. Products from this manufacturer can be easily found in the domestic market.
  • Heyner. Another quality German brand. The manufacturer paid attention to ensure that his accessories fit a larger number of wipers of various cars and made a huge number of different nozzles.
  • Valeo. This brand has appeared in France and has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of various accessories and spare parts for cars. Using this product, you will protect yourself and do not harm the windshield of your favorite car.
  • Denso. Residents of Japan make not only incomparable cars, but also high-quality nozzles for wipers.
  • Champion. This brand of a well-known American manufacturer has been popular all over the world for more than a hundred years. Brushes under this name can be found in every specialized store.
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In this article, we helped the reader understand which wiper blades are better. Remember that the main guideline when choosing a nozzle for janitors should be quality and long life, not price and brand.

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