Leather furniture care products

Leather furniture has not gone out of fashion for many years due to its beauty and practicality in operation. Since this material is breathable and durable, with proper care it can last for many years. Naturally, the question arises as to which leather care products to use so that your favorite sofa or chair does not crack, fade, and even after 10 years looks like new. They and the simple rules for regular care will be discussed in this article.

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Basic care

In order for the leather furniture care products to be used to give the appropriate effect, and generally not require frequent cleaning, follow a few simple rules:

  • The first thing when buying leather furniture is to choose a location so that it does not fall into direct sunlight.
  • Keep your furniture away from heat sources, in particular from heaters, the distance should be at least one and a half meters.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes in the room and maintain a humidity of at least 65%. In low humidity, the skin may dry out and crack. In high humidity, mold or mildew may appear.

Important! To maintain the elasticity of leather upholstery, you need to restore the fat layer at least 2 times a year. For this, vegetable oil or glycerin is suitable.

  • Do not flood the furniture with pillows, rugs, toys and do not cover it for a long time with colored fabrics, especially for light leather furniture. These things can fade and leave stains on your favorite couch that will be difficult to remove. Of course, if you leave the apartment for a long time, it makes sense to cover your leather furniture with a cover or a cloak of white non-shed fabric.
  • Try to limit the contact of leather furniture with your pets, because deep scratches will spoil the whole appearance, it is difficult to gloss over them.
  • If you accidentally spilled water, then do not wait for it to dry on its own, but pat the water with a napkin, sponge or rag, otherwise the liquid will be deeply absorbed into the leather cover.
  • You should not use your leather sofa or chair as a place for eating, for this the kitchen is best suited. The need to constantly remove stains from different foods will lead to the fact that the leather upholstery will lose its color and attractive appearance.
  • Dry your furniture at least once a week with a clean cotton cloth or soft brush from a vacuum cleaner. Thus, you clean the surface of the skin from dust and small debris.
  • Once every half a month it is advisable to wipe the surface of leather furniture with a damp cloth or microfiber, it is also possible to use a vacuum cleaner with the function of wet cleaning.
  • Treat furniture with special protective equipment to care for leather furniture at least once every five to six months. This will prevent excessive soaking of the skin, as a special protective film is formed on it, which has a water-repellent effect.

Important! It is better to buy high-quality products and you need to select them according to the color of the upholstery.

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How to clean leather furniture from stains?

If your furniture is dirty, it is best to remove stains with special care products for leather furniture.

Important! Before buying such a product, carefully study the information on the label - the composition should not include such harmful impurities as acetone or solvent.Special chemistry should be for specific types of pollution.

You can’t use any non-special chemistry, like washing powder, as this can ruin your furniture once and for all. If there is no special product at hand, a mild soap solution can be used. It must be applied to the stain with an ordinary sponge for several minutes, and then wipe the skin dry.

skin3Depending on the origin of the spots, you can use different methods of cleaning them:

  • It is enough to wipe greasy stains with a dry cloth, and if there are traces, then you can use starch or baby powder, which will absorb all residual fat.
  • In order to remove mold stains, you need to dilute alcohol and water in a proportion of 50:50, wipe the place with mold with a stearin cloth moistened with this composition. You can just use vodka, and for prevention, use citric acid and vinegar.
  • Traces of markers or pens carefully left by your children can be removed with hairspray. This method is useful in the fight against stains from wine.
  • To remove blood stains, ordinary cold water is suitable.
  • To remove the smeared chewing gum, this place needs to be frozen. Cover it with ice packs, and when it freezes, remove the gum. It will be easy.
  • Ink stains can be cleaned with a sponge or a soft cloth dampened with a solution of 70-80% medical alcohol or nail polish remover.
  • When removing old dried stains, toothpaste, hair spray or eau de toilette with a spray will help you. Apply one of these products to the stain, wait a bit, and then wipe with a damp sponge or rag.
  • Coffee or tea stains are best removed with vodka or ammonia.
  • If your children left behind chocolate stains, do not be discouraged, glycerin soap will help you.
  • Traces of lipstick are removed with alcohol.
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How to care for white leather furniture?

Particular attention should be paid to the care of white or very light leather furniture.

Method 1

If suddenly dark spots appear on it, then you need to prepare a solution:

  • dilute the juice of lemon and tartar in a proportion of 50:50;
  • rub it into the place where the stain formed;
  • wait 15 minutes;
  • then rinse the solution with soapy water;
  • wipe dry with a napkin or soft cloth.

Method 2

You can also take care of light leather furniture with milk:

Dampen a sponge or napkin in milk.

Squeeze and wipe the surface of your furniture well.

Important! This is a great preventative care for leather furniture to make the material more smooth and shiny.

Method 3

Egg white or glycerin can be used to give the upholstery a natural shine. Weekly care for a leather sofa at home with such a home remedy will give it a healthy look.

Method 4

To remove scuffs, just wipe them with an orange peel. And deep scratches or cuts can be masked with liquid skin. True, some difficulty is that you need to choose the right color.

Important! It is best to test this tool in a small area of ​​the upholstery, preferably in an inconspicuous place.

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Stock footage

We examined the basic ways how to care for leather furniture at home. But if these approaches did not give the desired result, then you should not pour everything in the spot in the hope that something will help. You just ruin the upholstery. In this case, it is better to call specialists, and you need to act quickly until the spots penetrate deep into the skin structure, because it is easier to remove fresh spots than dried ones.

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