Do-it-yourself freon refrigeration

Nobody can do without a refrigerator today, and if it fails, you have to urgently solve the repair problem. But since household appliances never warn of their “desire” to work, and refuses to function as usual at the most inopportune moment, the issue of self-repair due to lack of money remains relevant for many. Simple malfunctions can indeed be fixed by yourself. But refueling the refrigerator with your own hands is not the safest and easiest task, so it is advisable to trust it to professionals. If you are confident in your abilities and think that you can do it yourself, then in this article we will share tips on how to refuel the refrigerator, and also describe in detail the rules for working with freon.

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What is freon?

The design of any refrigerator uses freon, which acts as a refrigerant. It is this gas that absorbs thermal energy during evaporation, thereby provoking a significant decrease in ambient temperature.

Important! Freon, which is the most popular refrigerant gas, needs special operation, but does not pose a particular danger to human health. Only the substance used in very old models of such equipment can be harmful.

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What malfunctions do you need to replace freon?

Freon replacement in the refrigerator should be performed in case of any problem with the tightness of the cooling system. Most often, users of modern units have to replace the refrigerant in the following situations:

  1. Freon leak. Typically, the refrigerant begins to seep at the sites of factory brazing or in a corrosion-damaged evaporator. With this malfunction, you need to find and eliminate the leak, and only then refill the equipment with freon.
  2. Clogged capillary. Clogging of the components of the refrigerator may occur due to burnout of engine oil, which is constantly circulating through the system. Such contaminants are usually not captured by the dehumidification filter. Clogging in the capillary conduit prevents the free movement of the refrigerant, which can lead to compressor failure. After removing the blockage, the refrigerator must be refilled with freon.
  3. Replacing the compressor motor. If you have replaced the compressor, then after completing the work, be sure to fill the refrigerator with refrigerant.
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Equipment and materials

Having decided to independently replace freon in the refrigerator, you must be aware that this procedure requires certain investments.

Important! If you first decided to repair a household appliance, then such a solution would be inappropriate. The purchase of all devices will cost more than a professional repair by a qualified craftsman. And the result of the work is also not difficult to guess.

For work you will need the following:

  • digital tester;
  • electronic type leak detector;
  • digital thermometer;
  • Vacuum pump;
  • pinch pliers;
  • protective screens for carrying out flame work;
  • pliers;
  • Schroeder valve;
  • freon;
  • set of wrenches.

Important! Remember that if the problem with the refrigerator’s performance is related to the leak of freon, then replacing the refrigerant will give a short result.

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Search for freon leaks in the refrigerator

Modern leak detector tuned to a specific brand of freon, and therefore it will not help you in the search for other damage. Before filling the refrigerator with refrigerant, make sure that the circuit is free of leaks.

Important! Do not spare any efforts to carry out additional operations, because otherwise the refilled freon will flow out no more than after 2 weeks, which will lead to the need to repeat the procedure.

After filling the refrigerator with refrigerant, it is necessary to carry out a test start of the system without pinching the service pipe. If everything is done correctly, then the arrow of the left pressure gauge should point to zero or be next to it. After refueling, recheck the system using a leak detector.

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How to fill the refrigerator with freon?

Before you fill the refrigerator with freon yourself, you need to understand the features and principles of the gas station. This versatile appliance is often used to service household appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

To work with the refrigerator, you will need only one of two pressure gauges installed at the gas station - a low-pressure device. The gas station is connected to the refrigerator circuit according to the following algorithm:

  1. The left branch pipe of the device is connected to the Schröder valve, which is located on the compressor of the refrigerator.
  2. Connect the right branch pipe of the gas station to the vacuum pump.
  3. Connect the middle pipe to the filling cylinder, connect to the freon cylinder.

Important! At the moment of connecting the device, the taps of the gas station and cylinder must be reliably shut off.

To fill the refrigerator with freon you need:

  • open cranes;
  • turn on the vacuum pump, after which the low pressure gauge should drop to a minimum of -30.
  • after reaching the set value, turn off the vacuum pump.

Important! The mass control of the refrigerant charge of the refrigerator is carried out in accordance with the value indicated on the tag of the household appliance. You will find special marks on the filling cylinder, and therefore, when connecting the system, you just have to wait until the necessary mass of freon enters the equipment circuit. After refueling, all valves must be shut off.

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Safety regulations

Before filling the refrigerator with freon at home, be sure to read the following rules for safe work with the refrigerant:

  1. Cooling gas must be pumped with the appliance turned off.
  2. During operation, all equipment must be grounded.
  3. Regularly ventilate the room at least once every 15 minutes.
  4. It is forbidden to smoke and turn on heaters while working with gas.
  5. If necessary, solder the joints of the circuit, follow all fire safety rules.

Important! Despite the fact that the refrigerant is odorless, it can have a detrimental effect on the human body and lead to significant health problems.

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In this article, we told you how to make an independent replacement of freon in the refrigerator. We sincerely hope that, thanks to the above recommendations, you can safely and efficiently carry out maintenance of a household appliance.

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