Warranty repair of washing machines

Every modern housewife has in her arsenal a large number of household appliances. Microwaves, food processors, toasters, meat grinders, electric juicers, ovens help us cope in the kitchen. To keep things clean, you can't do without a good washing machine. At the time of purchase of this unit, each buyer receives a package of documents, which includes a technical passport, user manual and warranty card. It is the last document that is considered the most important, because it ensures that the device that fails is repaired without any problems. Owners of such papers have the full right to warranty repair of washing machines, that is, free repair or replacement of a broken unit. Today we will tell you in which cases the devices are repaired for free, when they can refuse to repair, and for what reasons.

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Warranty Terms

Warranty - a document that implies free maintenance and repair during the period designated as the warranty period of service. How much it works - you can find out from the coupon for a particular model.

The most popular manufacturers of washing machines provide a guarantee for such a period:

Important! At the time of purchase, require that the coupon be filled in correctly so that there are no problems when a breakdown is detected. Each tear-off coupon must contain the dates of sale, the seal and the name of the seller. If there are no such marks, then you may be denied a free repair.

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What is the warranty for?

Do not immediately flatter yourself when a warranty card for repair of the washing machine is on your hands. So that the breakdown of your beloved assistant does not cause you to panic, you need to figure out in which cases the manufacturer's warranty will be valid.

Such cases include the following:

  1. Manufacturing defects. Each responsible manufacturer is guaranteed to change or repair a machine that crashes if a factory defect is discovered. Simply put, a free repair will be made if the unit vibrates too much, wringing the laundry poorly.
  2. Damage caused by no fault of the user. But to make sure of this, the repair service tests the device.

Important! Remember that each company sets its warranty period for manufactured products. Maintenance does not imply that specialists will constantly drive to your home and clean clogged filters. Free services include only an assessment of the quality of the device, if you have any complaints about its operation.


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When can they refuse warranty service?

The deadline allows each buyer to be one hundred percent sure that if a factory defect is detected, the washing machine will be replaced or repaired for free. But for these conditions to take effect, certain rules must be followed. The main thing - it is not recommended to refuse the services of a professional installer of equipment, otherwise - the manufacturer has every right to refuse you free service, even if you followed all the rules connecting a washing machine.


Denial of warranty repair is possible:

  • In case of improper installation and connection of the washing machine.
  • When connecting the device to the power outlet using an extension cord.
  • If items that are forbidden to be washed with such devices have been washed in the unit.
  • If the user who contacted the service center tried to repair the device on their own.
  • If the warranty card is not filled out correctly.

Important! If the machine fails, but is still under warranty, then first of all, study all the possible causes described in the instructions in the section “Possible breakdowns and how to fix them yourself”. Many manage to cope with such problems on their own. In most cases, you just need to washing machine cleaning. If all else fails, it is best to contact a service center right away.


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Under what conditions is the warranty provided?

To summarize, we can conclude that only those buyers who complied with the following rules can receive free help:

  1. Did not try to independently connect the unit.
  2. We carefully monitored how the seller fills in all the data on each tear-off form of the warranty card, indicates the date of sale and puts the seal on the store.
  3. Immediately contacted technical support in the event of a breakdown.

Important! Immediately agree on the estimated time for testing and repair. Depending on the location of the service and repair center of the brand you have chosen, the process may take up to 1 month or more.

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Knowing how much the warranty for servicing the washing machine is valid, any buyer can use this option, of course, if all of the above rules have been followed. In the presence of all the necessary documents and the defect itself, each user must figure out whether he is included in the list of warranty conditions. All these cases and types of damage are indicated on the coupon.

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