Where is it better to install a washing machine - in the kitchen or in the bathroom?

Installation of household appliances is always associated with worries and difficulties. Especially if household appliances are complex and bulky. The most striking example is a washing machine. Where is it better to install a washing machine - in the kitchen or in the bathroom? How to put and connect the machine? What furniture easily transfers the neighborhood of this appliance? You will find the answers to these questions in the article.

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Bath and kitchen - pros and cons

Where should the machine stand? Before making the final decision as to where it is better to install the washing machine - in the kitchen or in the bathroom, evaluate the advantages of installing the unit in one and the other premises.

Kitchen room - location advantages:

  • The presence of an electrical appliance in a room with high humidity is undesirable. Humidity in the kitchen is much less than in the bathroom. By installing a washing machine in the kitchen, you will provide added safety for the whole family.
  • As a rule, there are no sockets for electrical appliances in the bathroom. In the kitchen they are available. You will greatly simplify your life by avoiding the manipulation of wiring. For the bathroom, only sockets with a protective cover are suitable.
  • Since the kitchen is drier than the bathroom, the metal of the washing machine is less susceptible to corrosion.
  • The area of ​​the kitchen is larger than the bathroom, so the appliance will be better cooled.
  • If most of the household appliances are concentrated in the kitchen, then it automatically becomes a kind of “control center”. A woman, especially the mother of young children, will not have to tear between two rooms in order to have time to redo all household chores. To do this, it is quite enough for her to be in the kitchen. If the washer is in the bathroom, monitoring household appliances will be much more difficult.
  • In a small bathroom, the washer “eats” most of the workspace.
  • Since the kitchen is larger, it is much easier to work with linen.
  • The lid of the washing machine in the kitchen is an additional storage area or work surface. The most convenient in this regard are built-in devices.
  • You are not dependent on a family member who decided to use the bathroom.
  • For a small bathroom, you don’t have to sacrifice a sink. You can even pick up a very compact model and put sink above the washing machine.

Where to install a washing machine in the bathroom?

  1. Be that as it may, the state of waterproofing in the bathroom is better than in any other room of a house or apartment. If the unit leaks, you are less likely to have trouble from the neighbors below.
  2. To place the machine in the kitchen tightness, among the abundance of other equipment, you still need to find a place for it. However, for the bathroom, this need is more than relevant.
  3. You can deal with high humidity in the bathroom by installing a hood.
  4. Not everyone in the kitchen enjoys the sight of a spinning drum with various wardrobe items. Especially with meals. Therefore, a bath is still preferred in this regard.
  5. The bathroom is convenient if the thing needs to be pre-processed before loading into the machine (soak, wash by hand).No need to rush from the bathroom to the kitchen with wet linen at the ready.

Important! Depending on how much space is available in your bathroom, you can choose the optimal model in size and capacity. The information from our articles will help you with this:

As you can see, the kitchen option in terms of the number of advantages clearly wins. Well, move on.

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Options for placing a washing machine in the kitchen

So where to put the washing machine in the kitchen? There are two options:

  • Under the countertop. Although this is not the most aesthetic, but quite a convenient option. The washing machine is constantly in sight, and working with it is a pleasure.
  • Inside a cabinet or cabinet. The unit located outside the door does not attract attention. At the same time, it performs its functions no worse than in the usual arrangement. If there is no space for this in your headset, you can always make it yourself. Several workshops on this topic are described in the article. "Furniture for a washing machine".

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Types of washing machines suitable for kitchen placement

In principle, there are no restrictions on the type of washing machine to accommodate. There are no differences in the method of loading. Top-loading machines are compact, so they can fit perfectly in the smallest kitchen. As for the "front-end", then everything is very clear with them: such a machine will perfectly fit both in the closet and under the countertop. It is only enough to clearly understand what exactly you need. Surely you will find useful information from our articles:

Important! The only specific point: to install a top-loading washer in the kitchen headset will not work.

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Are there any restrictions?

If the kitchen is very small (up to 8 square meters), then it is better not to install a washer there. In any case, she will “eat” part of the space, but it is not so dense. In this case, try to squeeze the car into the bathroom. You can buy a small washing machine for placement under the sink.

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Installing a washing machine in questions and answers

Where is it better to put the washing machine - in the bathroom or in the kitchen? - The question is not the only one. Now we will try to answer the most common questions that arise with the placement and installation of the washing appliance.

Where is the best place to place a washer in the kitchen?

The best option is next to the sink. A sink, a washing machine and a dishwasher coexist perfectly together. In addition, you will have the opportunity to make a single supply of water: for washing and dishwasher. It is both economical and very convenient.

How to mount the unit?

Installing a washing machine, as well as other difficult household appliances, is a job for the master. A professional technician will quickly install the machine, plug it in and check the quality of work. But if you yourself have the skills in this direction so as not to miss anything important, use our instructions onconnecting the washing machine to electricity.

Important! Reputable companies give a guarantee of quality work. If the work turned out to be flawed, the master will correct the inaccuracies for free.


The machine does not fit into the kitchen cabinet in height. What to do?

Unfortunately, such a mismatch between the dimensions of washing machines and modern kitchen sets is not so rare. There is a solution: remove the bottom of the cabinet and install the washer on the floor.

Will the appliance integrated in the kitchen vibrate?

If the unit is installed in accordance with all the rules, there will be no strong vibrations. Minor vibrations associated with the operation of the appliance cannot be avoided, but they will not damage the kitchen furniture.

Which cabinet design for the washing machine is more desirable?

  • The cabinet can be with one or two doors.The first option is desirable if the width of the washer does not exceed 600 mm. The second is more suitable for embedding larger equipment.
  • It is desirable that the hinges provide for opening the door at an angle of more than 90 degrees. This will make using the washing machine more comfortable.
  • Appropriate clearances should also be provided so that the detergent tray does not rest against the loop. Consider and overhang countertops. If it is too wide, it may limit the use of the washing tray.

Important! When installing the machine, also consider free access to the drain hose filter.

Can I change the appearance of the washing machine?

If the facade of the old appliance does not fit into the design of a modern kitchen set - contact the designer who is engaged in decorating household appliances. It will transform the facade of your car so that its design is in harmony with the interior of the kitchen.

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So, we hope, with the help of the information from this article, you figured out where you better install the washing machine - in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and were able to solve the related issues of the technical side of the installation of household appliances.

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