How to use a garment steamer?

Almost everyone can iron things - this is a simple and familiar matter, but few know how to use a steamer for clothes. Although the innovative device was not invented yesterday, ordinary consumers are still not familiar enough with it, so they often make mistakes during operation because they don’t know with certainty how to use the steamer in order to put things in order in a matter of minutes. This is what will be discussed in the article.

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Types of steamers

All household steamers can be divided into five types:

  1. Steam iron.
  2. Iron with integrated steam generator.
  3. Steam cleaner with a nozzle for clothes.
  4. Hand steamer in the form of a brush or teapot.
  5. Vertical steamer.

Consider how to use different types of devices.

Steam iron

An iron with a built-in steam function is the simplest and most classic version of the device. Using such an iron is very simple: pour clean water into a special tank and select the desired mode.

Important! The iron can simultaneously iron and steam products even from the most delicate fabrics.

Steam iron

An iron with a built-in steam generator is a newer and more advanced version of the steamer. The device package includes:

      • A small boiler made of stainless steel.
      • Iron.
      • Heat-resistant silicone hose for connecting the boiler and iron.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple: a mini-boiler boils water until steam is formed, the resulting steam is fed to the iron and leaves through it to clothes.

Important! The amount and pressure of steam can be adjusted by a mechanism or buttons located on the boiler body.

Steam cleaner

Steam cleaner Designed mainly for cleaning the house. But it can also be used for ironing clothes, since usually a special nozzle is attached to such an aggregate.

How to use a steamer of this type:

      1. Attach the necessary nozzle before starting operation.
      2. Fill the tank with water until the mark is drawn.
      3. After plugging the unit into a power outlet, wait a few minutes for the water to reach maximum temperature.

Hand steamer

Hand steamers are made in the form of a steam brush or electric kettle. The principle of operation of these devices is the same:

      1. Water is poured into the tank, which is heated to 100 degrees.
      2. Steam is supplied through openings to the surface of the product.

Important! In manual models, the tank is located directly in the device. The vapor pressure, as well as the water supply, in such devices is small.

The teapot steamer is universal. You can take it with you on trips, since it does not take up much space. Using such a device, you can not only put things in order, but also boil water for coffee and tea. In addition, such devices have high steam productivity (about 40 degrees per minute) and are quite simple to use: just pour water into the device and wait for the formation of steam.

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Vertical steamer - features of a design and work

The device of the vertical type resembles a vacuum cleaner externally and according to the principle of operation, only the steamer does not suck, but, on the contrary, emits steam.Vertical devices were used in the times of the USSR in dry cleaners and ateliers. Today, the device is more advanced and multi-functional.

Important! The vertical steamer is designed to iron things exclusively in an upright position. The device is very convenient to use in fashion stores, ateliers and salons.

This type of device is a complex design, which includes the following components:

      • Steam iron with a hose.
      • Clamp-stand for ironing.
      • Water tank.
      • Wheels for transportation.
      • Various accessories: brushes, nozzles, tire hangers, clothes pegs, heat-resistant gloves.

Preparation for work

Before using a garment steamer for clothes of such a model, it is necessary to assemble and prepare it. For this:

      1. Select and put on the necessary nozzles.
      2. Pour water into the tank to the desired mark.
      3. Insert the telescopic handle into the hole located in the main body of the device.
      4. Adjust the length of the handle to your height. To do this: loosen the latches on the handle, adjust the length and tighten the latches back.
      5. Attach the iron to the hose.
      6. Fix the steam iron on a special mount (included).
      7. Make sure all components are connected correctly and securely.
      8. Connect the equipment to the network.

Tips for operating the equipment:

      • After turning on the device, you have to wait 1-2 minutes. Ready for work indicator shows.
      • Drive with the iron only vertically (bottom to top). In another position, hot water may leak out, which is unsafe, since such an ironing process can cause a burn.
      • Hold the handle correctly so that the iron is turned away from you, because hot steam comes out of it, which can cause a thermal burn.
      • Press the steam button and determine the intensity of the jet.
      • Adjust the steam supply pressure if necessary.
      • If this is the first time you have taken the device in your hands, then start work with old clothes, draw a pen 2-3 times and the fabric will be smoothed.

Important! Do not worry if the vertical steamer makes bubbling sounds, this is quite normal, as the water inside the device heats up to very high temperatures.

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Features of smoothing products

Let us dwell on how to use the steamer correctly to smooth out items of clothing:

      1. Hang a dress, blouse or shirt on a coat hanger (trempel) and pull it down slightly.
      2. Smooth the cuffs and collar with a special pad. Slip the end of the piece under the collar or sleeve. Smooth pockets in the same way.
      3. Steam the trousers by hanging them with the belt down. To create the arrows, use the clip that is put on the iron.
      4. For outerwear (coat, down jacket), use the special nozzles that come with the kit. Use these nozzles to remove foreign fibers, hair and fluff.
      5. In order to smooth dense clothes with a lining, for example, a jacket, put on a protective mitt. Hand in a protective mitt, hold the sides of the product from the inside, so as not to burn yourself.

Important! In addition to clothes, you can steam toys, curtains, upholstered furniture. Use a steamerm can be used to smooth out embroidery from beads, lace, sequins. Things not only acquire a neat appearance, but also get rid of germs and are disinfected.


  • If you need to iron elements of clothing made of thin silk, organza or other delicate fabric, then lower the power of the device and increase the distance to the fabric.
  • Smooth long curtains in two steps. Hang the curtains and pull in the middle, then iron the top of the product. Then pull the product at the end and iron the bottom of the curtains.

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Safety regulations

All devices of this type during operation have high pressure of hot steam, so it is so important to adhere to the following safety rules in order to use the garment steamer correctly:

      1. Use the device for its intended purpose only.
      2. Do not direct the working iron at people, animals or plants.
      3. Do not iron clothes on yourself. It is strictly forbidden to steam things directly on the human body.
      4. Do not leave an operating or hot appliance unattended.
      5. Never use a damaged appliance.
      6. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the device yourself.
      7. Make sure that the power cord does not lie on a hot surface or in water.
      8. Do not hang the device by the sleeve.
      9. Do not bring the steamer close to your clothing; keep the ironer a short distance from the fabric.
      10. Do not add water to the tank without disconnecting the device from the power supply.
      11. Do not disconnect the steam steamer hose during operation.
      12. Pour only clean cold water into the tank, preferably distilled water.
      13. When working with the steamer, do not use foaming agents, such as laundry detergent, soap.
      14. When working with the device, use a special glove to protect your hands.

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Rules for care and storage

The steamer must be cleaned periodically, since clogged holes will cause droplets of hot water to splatter, and this is dangerous not only for hands, but also for things.

Perform the cleaning process as follows:

      1. Unplug the device and allow it to cool.
      2. Remove the water tank.
      3. Rinse the tank with a damp cloth and clean water.
      4. Wipe the water tank with a dry towel.

Important! Descale the water tank from time to time. To do this, use a solution of citric acid.

To store the device:

      1. Wait for the device to cool.
      2. Empty the tank, rinse and dry.
      3. Wipe the surface of the iron with a clean cloth.
      4. Unwind the cord.

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Advantages of steamers:

      1. Using any type of steamer, you can smooth out the most complex folds on clothes and in places where a simple iron can not cope.
      2. The steamer does not leave any traces on the fabric, including glossy ones.
      3. In the process of ironing, you do not need an ironing board, because your favorite outfit can be put in order right on the hanger.
      4. Under the influence of innovative technology, fibers and threads on fabrics do not dry out, do not stretch and do not deform, as when ironed.

That is why such a unique device will become a real helper in your home.

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We hope that the information received will help you properly use the capabilities of innovative technology, and it will serve you for many years, helping to keep clothes in perfect condition.

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