How to install a washing machine so that it does not jump?

Modern washing machines greatly facilitate the life of any housewife. But sometimes there are problems with technology. For example, a washing machine jumps and you do not know how to set it. It is important not to put off the problem “for later” and find out the reasons right away. And even better - immediately after purchasing the equipment, find out all the rules on how to properly install and adjust the washing machine so that it does not jump and does not ride on the floor, and do everything correctly. You will learn about all this from this article.

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Which cars are jumping?

If you timely identify the cause of excessive vibration of the washing machine and take measures, you can avoid its costly repair. In the spin mode, any automatic machine operates at very high speeds, and its natural vibration is normal.

Take a closer look at the model at the purchase stage - modern models are equipped with mechanisms to reduce vibration, but not to the end:

  1. There are models of machines that shake more than others when washing. Usually these are narrow and light models. Their footprint and low weight make it impossible to stand in one place.
  2. Also, such machines have a small drum, which does not allow correct alignment during washing and the machine starts to jump.
  3. It should be noted that, according to statistics, metal drum machines are more likely to vibrate than other models.

Important! Today you can find types of machines in which the drum is separated from the body, which significantly reduces the load on the body and the machine jumps much less.

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If the machine is new

If the washing machine jumps during the spin cycle, but has been connected recently, then its jumps can give signals that are easy to eliminate.

Important! You must understand that in technology everything is interconnected. Even if you have diagnosed a not-so-terrible breakdown, it is better to fix it as quickly as possible, otherwise you can aggravate the condition of your washing machine. And if you have serious difficulties, then you can always call a master for help.

First reason

Check for bolts holding the drum during transportation, and if there are any, remove it. Often when installing a new machine, these bolts are forgotten to be removed, which can easily lead to breakage.

Four bolts are located directly on the back cover of the machine, and are removed by simple twisting.

Important! Do not throw them away. If you are going to transport the car, then they will come in handy.

The second reason

Another reason that the washing machine may vibrate violently during spinning and operation may be the improper installation of the machine. It is better to carry out the installation using the level: if the machine staggers even in an inoperative state, or the floor is not hard enough, then it will jump not only during the spin cycle, but also during washing. To exclude such a development during the operation of the equipment, check your actions with our instructions for DIY installation.

Do not forget about the slippery floor - you should not directly install the machine on it.

Important! The best option is to use anti-slip floor mat or specialanti-vibration stands for the washing machine.

Third reason

The simplest option, why the machine jumps, is to load the laundry into the tank incorrectly.To prevent such situations, remember that the laundry in the drum should be distributed as evenly as possible. If the alignment is lost and the car jumps, the best option would be to turn off the machine and redistribute the laundry in the tank.

Important! Some modern models give an error if the laundry is not distributed correctly, but you should not rely on them - it is better to check again that everything is in order before starting the wash.

Do not forget to consider the mode when washing, and remember about calculation of the weight of laundry, maximum and minimum load, because if you do not regularly comply with the manufacturer’s requirements, then the car jumps are inevitable.

Fourth reason

It also happens that in the car there are foreign objects: coins, buttons, pins, etc. They do not allow the machine to work in the usual mode, and the car starts to jump. To prevent small items from getting in, be sure to check all pockets before washing, and if you are not sure that the button on the item will withstand washing - use special protective bags for washing clothes.

Fifth reason

It also happens that the reason lies in marriage. In this case, if the guarantee allows, it is better not to hesitate and contact the manufacturer for a replacement, and not be puzzled by the question “washing machine jumps during spin cycle - what should I do?”

Important! In no case do not try to fix the new machine yourself, because interference with its system may cost you free maintenance. Read more about this in our separate article. “Warranty repair of washing machines”.

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If the machine is not new

In older models of washing machines, the reasons for its jumps may be hidden both in previous versions, and in another.


In order for the machine not to break through the floor by vibration of the drum, special shock absorbers and springs are installed in it. Over time, these elements may lose their properties, and the drum may skew, and the parts of the apparatus will begin to rub against each other.

Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the springs are erased, and replace them if necessary. This is done simply: the mechanisms are located at the rear of the machine, under the protective wall that needs to be unscrewed. Our detailed instructions will help you cope with this task. SMA shock absorber repair instructions.


The second problem is the axial bearing that has fallen into disrepair. It is impossible to make a mistake with the diagnosis of this breakdown: if there is one, you will hear a rattle, and when the washing machine stops, the tank will freely turn to the side.

Important! This is a serious malfunction, in which it is impossible to use the machine without repair. To understand whether you have enough experience and knowledge to carry out such repairs with your own hands, check out our bearing replacement workshop.


Another important detail that allows you to damp the vibrations of the washing machine is a weighting agent. Usually they are made of cast iron or concrete. These balances are located on the drum, from opposite ends and are attached to it with bolts.

If the washing machine jumps, you should check whether the fasteners of the weights are loose.

Important! Concrete counterweights may collapse over time - this is normal, just replace them and the machine will work again like new.


The most unpleasant malfunction, why the washing machine jumps during the spin cycle, is a breakdown of its engine.

And the simplest version of this breakdown, which can be fixed quickly and without additional investments, is that the electric motor is poorly fixed. If everything is in order with the holders, you may have to change or repair the spare part.

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Eliminate the causes

If the cause is determined, you can try to eliminate it yourself.

Solution 1

If the centering of the laundry is incorrect, it is enough to take the following steps:

  • turn off the washer;
  • wait for the door to unlock;
  • open the tank;
  • to take out linen, to straighten and to put back;
  • if there is a lot of it, part must be removed;
  • then the machine is connected in the spin mode.

Decision 2

If the machine is not installed properly, the question arises: how to fix the washing machine so that it does not jump? - For this you can:

  • level the floor surface;
  • adjust the legs;
  • put special stands against vibration.

Decision 3

You can find a foreign object that has got inside, using a flashlight: just shine them in the tank and twist them in different directions. If an object is detected, you need to gently pick it up with something sharp.

Important! In case of more serious breakdowns, or if you do not understand how to install the washing machine so that it does not jump, you must contact the service center.

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Today, a very common problem is when the washing machine jumps during the spin cycle. What if it happened to you? The main thing is not to panic, and correctly diagnose the problem, and only then proceed to fix it. But if you do not give the problem due importance, and postpone its solution “for later”, then you can bring the equipment to the state where you have to buy a new one.

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