Hansa stove instruction 🥝 how to turn on the electric and gas

Now, almost every housewife in the kitchen has an electric oven with an oven. As it turned out, the cooker is no longer of interest to everyone. This technique is indispensable in everyday life. Modern electric stoves are equipped with many functions - a timer, hooks for kitchen towels, cleaning systems. A certain amount of time is given for preparing various dishes according to the recipe, it can be adjusted using a timer. Inexperienced users of this technique often ask themselves: how to set the time on the Hansa stove? In order to understand the rules for use and how to use it, first of all, you need to read the instructions for use of the kitchen unit and follow the instructions. You will find her in this article.

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Types of Hansa Hobs

Hans electric stoves according to the type of hobs are divided into two groups:

  • Cast iron hob - is considered the longest in use, since it does not deform under serious mechanical stresses.
  • Glass-ceramic hob - is considered the safest option on the hob, since strong heat is felt only when the panel touches the dishes. These models are very popular in the market due to good quality and optimal price. In addition, they include more than ten cooking modes.

Both those and other models are in demand in the market, due to the excellent ratio of functionality and cost.

Important! Do you want household appliances to serve for many years and have a perfect look? Use our cooker care tips:

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Benefits of Hansa Cookers

Modern ovens of “Hansa” are distinguished by many advantages, thanks to which they have gained popularity among consumers. Consider them in more detail:

  • Convenient use - the presence of hooks for towels and a trapezoid handle to open the oven.
  • Timer - sets the time for cooking and informs about the end of cooking.
  • Several cooking programs - from fast food warming up to defrosting meat products.
  • Catalytic purification - the presence of special panels coated with enamel. Due to this coating, the fat deposited on the walls of the oven is very quickly split.
  • Retractable panels - make cooking easier and reduce the risk of burns.
  • The Aquatic system - allows you to very quickly, effortlessly remove dirt inside the oven. It is enough to pour 500 ml of water into the pan and turn on the oven. Water will evaporate after a while, and contamination can be removed with a sponge in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the above-mentioned advantages of Hans ovens, consumers are increasingly choosing to buy them.

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Set the time on the stove

In order to set the clock on the Hansa oven, the following manipulations should be performed:

  1. Connect the unit to the mains.
  2. Wait until the display shows the numbers.
  3. The number “12” appears on the small screen, press the clock button and adjust the time.
  4. Do the same with the minutes.
  5. Save the set time using the “clock” button or the rotary knob.
  6. Wait about ten seconds for the device to save the entered data into memory.

If the equipment does not have a special rotary knob, set the time using the “+” or “-” buttons.

Important! When a power outage occurs, the time on the oven will be lost and will not be saved, so you will have to configure everything anew, following the above instructions.

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Set the current time

In order to set the current time on the Hansa oven, you must perform the following procedure:

  1. After a power failure, reconnect the device.
  2. “Auto” will flash on the sensor or zeros will be displayed.
  3. Using the buttons “1” and “2” under the display, indicating a decrease and increase in time, we enter the necessary data.
  4. After one minute, the clock can be changed (if desired).

Important! Changes to the clock should be in accordance with real time, otherwise it will be impossible to operate the equipment.

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Set the minute timer

Regardless of the pre-set functions on the programmer, the minute timer can be set at any time. Its duration can be from one minute to 24 hours. In order to activate the timer, do the following:

  1. On the sensor, press the “Menu” button.
  2. The bell icon will be displayed.
  3. Use the “+” and “-” keys to set the desired amount of time.
  4. When the timer comes to an end, the “bell” will blink, and the oven will emit a characteristic sound.
  5. To turn off the timer sound, press the “Menu” button.

Important! Modern ovens have many operating modes. To quickly understand the functions and settings of your equipment, read the article,what do the oven icons mean.

In some models of modern ovens, you can disable this “alarm” by clicking on the plus or minus icons.

Important! If the sound does not disappear after pressing the button, then after 6-7 minutes the signal will stop automatically.

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Tips for setting the right time

In order to use the oven on the first day of purchase, you should adhere to several recommendations:

  1. Check the electrical connection of the equipment.
  2. Adjust the clock according to the real time of day.
  3. Carefully read the instructions that came with the technique.
  4. Do not press all buttons at the same time - this may knock down the operation of the oven.
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Stock footage

Following all the above steps, you can bring the new oven to working condition in a few minutes and start creating culinary masterpieces.

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