Dishwasher Ariston

If you decide to buy a dishwasher, then Hotpoint Ariston brand equipment is worth paying attention to this series. The popularity of kitchen appliances, which saves time and effort, is growing every day, and the Ariston built-in dishwasher will also help create the desired kitchen design. Today we will conduct a short review of Ariston household appliances and talk about the advantages of some models.

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Dishwasher Ariston

Hotpoint Ariston's built-in dishwasher combines British quality and Italian design. As a result of the cooperation of the two companies, consumers got the opportunity to purchase a stylish, functional dishwasher that copes with washing even heavily soiled dishes, and is also able to decorate any kitchen interior.

Important! The easiest way to understand the pros and cons of each brand, its technology with a clear comparison. Our reviews will help you with this:


Many models of Ariston dishwashers have several programs, so the user can set the optimal mode of operation of the device:

  • Quick.
  • Economical.
  • Intensive.
  • Auto.

Important! Some device models feature a half load mode. This makes it possible to save water and detergents with a small amount of dishes. BUT dishwasher connection to hot water will provide an opportunity to save energy.


The undoubted advantages of Ariston dishwashers are:

  1. Efficiency. On the dishes at the end of the correctly selected mode there is no plaque, drops, stains.
  2. Roominess. Thanks to the flexible organization of the internal space of the device, you can use the machine for any dishes, including overall household items.
  3. Profitability.
  4. Reliability.
  5. Low noise.
  6. The presence of half load.
  7. A large set of additional automatic programs.
  8. The presence of a variety of additional features.
  9. Availability of a leakage protection system. This option monitors the water level and stops the unit when a malfunction is detected.
  10. Possibility of additional loading of dishes during the cycle.
  11. A wide range of equipment. Each consumer will be able to choose the right appliances for the kitchen, as there are wide and narrow modelseconomical and productive, recessed and freestanding.
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Ariston - built-in dishwasher. Model Overview

Consider the main characteristics of the models of built-in dishwashers Ariston.

Hotpoint-Ariston LTF 11M116 EU

Among the basic features, it is worth noting such factors:

  • The built-in dishwasher of this model has the whole range of special functions that allow you to clean the dishes efficiently and delicately.
  • The internal chamber of the unit is quite roomy and allows you to simultaneously serve up to 14 sets of various dishes.
  • The presented model has 11 operating modes, and a set of mechanical keys is responsible for their control.
  • A bright control display allows you to conveniently operate the machine and not make mistakes with the settings.
  • Special indicators will promptly inform you that it is necessary to add rinse aid or special salt inside the unit for softening water and high-quality washing of cutlery.

Important! A full-size built-in machine made of durable plastic is suitable for any kitchen in size. Country of origin - Poland. Warranty period is 12 months.

The main characteristics of the device:

  • Maximum power consumption: 1500 watts.
  • Water Consumption: 11 L
  • Dimensions of equipment: width - 60 cm, height - 82 cm, embedding depth - 57 cm.
  • Capacity: 14 sets.
  • Main color: silver.

Hotpoint-Ariston LSF 7237

The presented model allows you to simultaneously serve 10 sets of dishes. The dishwasher can wash even thin glass, as it has 7 washing programs. Including the following modes:

  • Normal.
  • IVF (50 degrees).
  • Intensive.
  • Fast (25 min).
  • Daily washing (60 degrees).
  • Crystal.
  • Pre-rinse.

Important! The device comes with a cutlery basket. The machine has a very convenient electronic-mechanical control and indication of program stages.

The main characteristics of the device:

  1. Energy Efficiency Class: A.
  2. Power Consumption: 1670 watts.
  3. Power consumption per cycle: 1.01 kW / h.
  4. Water consumption: 10 l per cycle.
  5. Noise level: 49 dB.
  6. Additional functions:
    • Accelerated wash program.
    • Pre-rinse.
    • Incomplete download.
    • Delayed start (3/6/9 hours).
    • Leakage protection.
  7. Dimensions: height - 85 cm, width - 45 cm, depth - 60 cm, weight - 39 kg.
  8. There is a possibility of embedding.
  9. Base color: white.

Important! Warranty: 1 year. Country of origin: Poland.

Built-in dishwasher Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9M117 C EU:

  • A narrow but capacious dishwasher “Ariston” of this model is capable of serving 10 sets of dishes at the same time, having 9 washing modes.
  • Energy class - A, drying class and washing class - A.
  • The device has an electronic control type.

Important! As you can see, the models of Ariston dishwashers differ in the number of programs, capacity and the presence of additional functions. However user's manual and service is almost the same.

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Dishwasher Ariston: instruction

The instruction manual for any model of dishwasher can always be found on the manufacturer's website.

The Hotpoint-Ariston dishwasher manual includes:

  • Precautions and recommendations.
  • Rules for installing the device.
  • Product specifications and description.
  • Rules for loading baskets.
  • Description of washing programs.
  • Special programs and additional features.
  • Rules for the use of detergents.
  • Care and maintenance of the machine.
  • Possible malfunctions and methods for their elimination.

The manual for the dishwasher also contains a description of the buttons on the control unit and recommendations for using detergents. Based on the above parameters, you can make a competent choice of suitable dishwasher products from our reviews about:

  1. pills;
  2. powders.

If necessary, in order to save or safety for health, you can even make simple recipes do-it-yourself detergent for a dishwasher.

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In order for the household assistant to serve for many years and please with clean, sparkling dishes, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and follow the rules for operating the dishwasher.

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