Dishwasher Virpul - manual

Whirlpool dwh b00 dishwashers are widely used on the modern market. These models are of excellent quality and have an affordable price. The use of a dishwasher allows you to save water and precious time. The utensils loaded into the dishwasher are washed and dried perfectly. In this article we will consider the topic: “Virpul” dishwasher - instructions for use and maintenance, and determine how to use it correctly.

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Technical characteristics of dishwashers Virpul

As an example, we take 2 popular models - WHIRLPOOL ADG 145 and the “Virpul” WP 88 dishwasher, the parameters of which are similar. This will help you understand what to expect from such equipment for all important criteria.

So, these models have the following parameters:

  • The weight of the dishwasher is 35 kg.
  • The dishwasher has the dimensions: width - 44 cm, depth - 54 cm, height - 82 cm.
  • This dishwasher is fully integrated.
  • The equipment has an electronic control type.
  • During the program cycle, the dishwasher consumes 13 liters of water and consumes 0.8 kW / h.
  • The washing time for a regular program is 150 minutes.
  • The noise effect during operation of the dishwasher is 54 dB.
  • Models are equipped with standard washing programs: the usual program cycle for everyday washing dishes, the intensive mode for dishes that are very dirty, fast cycle.
  • Dishwashing equipment is equipped with special programs, which include the use of the preliminary soaking mode and the use of an economical program for lightly soiled dishes.
  • Condensation drying is used. To compare the capabilities, the effectiveness of the equipment, read separately aboutwhat type of drying is better.
  • The dishwashing technique has a maximum water temperature of 60 degrees at the inlet.
  • There is a protective function against leaks.
  • There is an indicator of lack of salt and rinse aid, as well as a display of the duration of the washing process.
  • The dishwashing equipment contains a fault indication.
  • These models are equipped with a “delay start” button with a duration of 1 to 24 hours.

Important! Before turning on the dishwasher, it must be properly installed and connected. Our article will help you produce dishwasher installation without the help of specialists.

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Turn on the dishwasher Virpul

How to connect a dishwasher? Whirlpool Dishwasher Instructions:

  1. Turn on the dishwasher.
  2. Select the desired program on the display device, if necessary - set additional functions, and the corresponding indicators should light up.
  3. Set the type of dishwashing detergent.
  4. Fill the detergent dispenser compartments according to the cycle of the selected program.
  5. Check for sufficient rinse aid.
  6. Check for the right amount of salt.
  7. Load the baskets, while making sure that the dishes do not protrude beyond the baskets, and that the sprinklers rotate freely.
  8. Launch dishwasher equipment.
  9. Open the water tap.
  10. After closing the door, the dishwasher will start a washing cycle.
  11. After washing the dishes, open the door and turn off the equipment.
  12. Close the water tap and, starting from the lower basket, carry out the unloading of dishes.

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Operation of dishwasher Virpul - instructions

The basic operating rules of the Virpul dishwashers according to the instructions are as follows:

  • When you select the desired program, the dishwashing machine must be turned on. The selection of additional functions is accompanied by the lighting of the corresponding indicators.
  • The procedure for filling the dosing device with detergent must be performed before starting the selected program. Only use cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer and observe the indicated dosage. Detergents can be used in the form of powder, gel, tablets. In addition, it is possible to use a combined detergent.

Important! Detergents, which include rinse aid, are used only with a long program cycle. The use of short-term programs entails the presence of detergent residues, as rinsing agents for washing lead to an increased effect of foaming. Find out more about detergents in our individual posts:

  • It is necessary to control the fill level, adjust the amount of rinse aid.

Important! Using combined detergents, you can not use the control.

  • The presence of an optical indicator in the Whirlpool dishwasher allows you to select the desired dosage of rinse aid. So, the dark color of the indicator indicates a sufficient amount of rinse aid, a light color scheme recommends adding rinse aid. There are models in which an insufficient amount of rinse aid is accompanied by a red light.

Important! If accidental spilling of the rinse aid has occurred, it must be removed immediately, as excessive foaming may occur. It can cause damage to the dishwasher.

  • It is necessary to regulate and control the level of salt filling and its dosage.

Important! For a dishwasher, only special regenerating salt should be used.

  • If the indicator device for adjusting the salt level lights up in orange, then a sufficient amount of salt is present. A light indicator glow indicates an insufficient dosage of regenerating salt. There are models of “Virpul” dishwashers, which have an electric indicating device, accompanied by a red glow with insufficient salt.
  • After filling the dispenser with regenerating salt, you immediately need to start some program.
  • Leaking salt solution or salt crystals contribute to the corrosion effect, which leads to damage to parts made of stainless steel, so the main thing in filling the dispenser is not to overdo it with the quantity.
  • For some programs, it is typical to extend the cycle until the indicator device goes out.
  • If soft water is used, then regenerating salt is not used.
  • The use of combined detergents in the presence of hard water provides for the additional addition of salt.

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Loading dishwasher baskets

The presence of incorrect loading baskets contributes to possible malfunctions of the Whirlpool dishwasher, so this process must be approached carefully. Basic download rules:

  • In the lower basket load the lids of pots, plates, salad bowls. Large-sized dishes are recommended to be installed on the sides of the basket.
  • The upper basket is used to load dishes that can easily break.
  • The cutlery basket is equipped with sliding shelves in which knives, forks, spoons are placed.

Important! Correcting the height of the basket is necessary without the presence of utensils. Do not raise or lower the basket on one side only.

It is necessary to place the dishes so that the blades of the sprinklers can rotate freely.

Important! Do not use the dishwasher to wash aluminum, wooden, tin silver cutlery, as well as plates with decor or hand-painted.

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Virpul Rinse Process

To add dishes to the dishwashing equipment, you need:

  1. Be careful to open the door, as very hot steam will come out that can cause burns.
  2. Having added the dishes, close the door - the program will start from the moment from which it was interrupted.
  3. You can also use the “Reset” key, which can interrupt the program cycle.

Important! During the rinse procedure, the water supply tap must be open, and the machine door must be closed.

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Program cycle completion

At the end of the Virpul dishwasher, according to the instructions, you must:

  1. Carefully open the door.
  2. Press the power button only after the start button indicator goes out.

Important! Unloading dishes should start from the bottom basket, so that the remaining drops do not fall on the dishes from below.

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General recommendations and precautions

To ensure that the equipment immediately works properly and does not cause you problems during operation, follow these instructions from the time you purchase the Virpul dishwasher.


For packaging materials that are recyclable are used. When removing the packaging, make sure that the Virpul dishwasher does not experience any damage during transport and the machine door closes firmly. In case of any doubt, you should contact a qualified specialist.

Important! Dishwashers are both stand-alone and built-in. To understand the differences, opportunities, pros and cons, installation features, information from the articles will help you:

First launch of the Virpul dishwasher

First use of the dishwasher:

  • Dishwashing equipment can operate in the range from 5 to 45 degrees.
  • The dishwasher is thoroughly tested at the factory through a series of tests.
  • These tests may leave water droplets on the equipment that will disappear during the first wash cycle.

Careful consumption of water and electricity

The main rules that will help to save water and electricity when using the “Virpul” dishwasher:

  • Do not rinse dishes under the tap.
  • You must always turn on the fully loaded device, if only one basket is loaded, then you need to start the half-load function.
  • In the presence of environmental energy sources - a centralized heating system, solar panels or heat pumps, the dishwasher must be connected to a pipe with hot water, which has a temperature of no higher than 60 degrees.


The main precautions according to the instructions of the Virpul dishwasher are as follows:

  • Keep packaging materials out of the reach of children.
  • It is strictly forbidden for children to play with the dishwasher.
  • Store detergent, rinse aid and regenerating salt in a safe place for children.
  • The dishwasher must not be operated by children or persons with disabilities.
  • Do not use the dishwasher outdoors.
  • It is strictly forbidden to store substances that can easily ignite near dishwasher equipment.
  • The water in the dishwasher is not suitable for drinking.
  • Do not put solvents in the dispenser compartment that could cause an explosion hazard.
  • Observe precautions with the door open.
  • You can’t sit on the open door, it is forbidden to use it as a support, since it can only withstand the extended shelf.
  • Sharp objects have the point down, for the location of long cutlery use the upper basket.
  • If you need to clean the dishwasher, you need to turn off the machine, remove the plug from the electrical outlet and close the tap for water supply.

Important! Repair work or structural changes must only be carried out by a qualified specialist.

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Elimination of possible malfunctions of Virpul dishwashers

If a malfunction occurs in the Whirlpool dishwasher, you do not always need to contact a specialist, since some of the malfunctions can be eliminated independently if you know the cause.

The car does not start

If the dishwasher does not start, then:

  • check whether the equipment is turned on;
  • it is necessary to check the fuse and the presence of voltage in the electrical network;
  • the machine door may not be closed;
  • it is necessary to check that the “start delay” function is not activated, since the unit will start only after some time.


This code reports that the temperature regime of the supplied water should be more than 3 degrees. Therefore, you should check whether there are problems with the supply of hot water.


DTC F4 in the “Virpul” dishwasher with a blinking indicator reports possible problems of this nature:

  • the presence of contaminated or clogged filters;
  • it is necessary to check the drain hose so that it is not bent;
  • The siphon pipe connection must not have a blanking insert.


The flashing indicator with DTC F6 warns of malfunctions, to eliminate which the following must be done:

  • check whether the water tap is open;
  • the hose for water filling should not be bent;
  • check that the inlet filter device, which is located at the point of connection to the tap, is not clogged.


The presence of a flashing indicator device with DTC F8 warns that:

  • it is necessary to check the filtering devices for clogging and contamination;
  • the installation of cups and bowls in the basket should be carried out upside down;
  • Check that the drain hose is correctly connected.

Important! After completing these steps, the DTC should disappear on the Whirlpool dishwasher display.

Leftover food

If there is not very high-quality washing of dishes or leftovers of food remain on it, then:

  • you need to arrange the dishes in the basket so that it does not touch each other;
  • for bowls and cups, installation is upside down;
  • it is necessary to use the right amount of detergent, following the instructions of the manufacturer;
  • dishwashing detergent should be kept in a dry place and its shelf life should not be too long;
  • when washing too dirty dishes, it is necessary to choose a program with a high temperature regime;
  • if it is necessary to use the “half load” function, then loading dirty dishes should be only in the upper or only in the lower basket;
  • you need to use the program with a higher temperature regime;
  • check that sprinklers are not clogged;
  • carry out control of filtering devices and check the correctness of their installation;
  • there should be free rotation of the sprinklers.

Residues of plaque and regenerating salt

The dishes are contaminated with plaque and residues of regenerating salt in the following cases:

  • if very hard water - it is necessary to increase the amount of regenerating salt;
  • the lid of the salt container is open - you need to check its position;
  • if detergents that already contain salt are used, then the regenerating salt is not added.

Stains and stains on dishes

If various spots, traces and stains are observed on the surface of the dishes, then:

  • it is necessary to increase the amount of rinse aid;
  • if a combined detergent is used, then another rinse aid must be added;
  • if streaks or streaks are observed, it is necessary to reduce the dosage of rinse aid;
  • the use of a combined substance, which includes a component of the rinse aid, does not contribute to the use of another rinse aid;
  • product residues containing acids or salt lead to rust stains even on stainless cutlery, therefore it is necessary to use the “preliminary washing” functional program;

Important! Only dishes suitable for the automatic washing process must be loaded into the Virpul dishwasher.

Heavy foaming

The presence of excessive foam formation indicates that the following rules have been violated:

  • you must adhere to the recommended composition and dosage of dishwashing detergent - using too much substance leads to the formation of foam;
  • the use of tools for manual washing is unacceptable.

Dry dishes

If after completion of the washing cycle the dishes are not sufficiently dried, then:

  • It is necessary to try to place the dishes so that the water could not remain inside it;
  • you can increase the amount of dishwashing rinse;
  • drying performance will increase if, before unloading the dishes, open the door of the dishwasher for a while, so that the generated steam comes out;
  • if the “quick wash” program cycle is used, the dishes do not have time to completely dry, as there is a short-term washing procedure.

Important! If it was not possible to independently eliminate the malfunctions, then it is necessary to disconnect the dishwasher equipment from the electric power supply and close the water supply tap. After this, contact a service center with experienced specialists.

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From this article, you learned the basic rules for operating the Virpul dishwasher, which you can also find in the instructions from the manufacturer. Follow these recommendations, so that your dishwasher will really help you in everyday life, and not become a cause of wasting time solving incomprehensible technical problems.

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