Sizes of automatic washing machines

Needless to say, I would like to choose household appliances mainly by design and technical characteristics. However, the modest dimensions of housing make their own adjustments. The harsh truth of life is such that, ultimately, the size of the automatic washing machines becomes a decisive factor in the choice. How to get a washing machine that is perfect for you? First you need to determine the installation location: where exactly the washing unit will be installed: in the kitchen, in the corridor or in the bathroom. Based on this, you can accurately determine the size of the machine.

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The following types of front-loading washing machines are distinguished, depending on the dimensions:

  • Full size front-loading. Their height is 850 mm, depth 600 mm, width 600 mm.
  • Narrow AGR - 850x320-450x600 mm.
  • Compact size devices have a height of 670-700 mm. Their depth and width are 450 and 510 mm, respectively.
  • CMA top-loading They have dimensions: 850-900 mm in height and 400 mm in width. The depth of the unit is 600 mm.
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Which machine to choose?

If the size of the room allows, it is better to give preference to a full-sized machine. And for what reasons.

  • The cost of a narrow car compared to a full-sized one is higher, all other things being equal.
  • A full-size washing machine is more resistant to vibration. Its drum allows you to load from 5 to 7 kg of laundry.

Important! Perhaps its only drawback is cumbersome. But such a machine is indispensable for a family of 5-7 people. How critical the mass will actually be, learn more from the article. "The weight of the washing machine".

If you plan to install a washing machine in the kitchen or in the corridor, you will have to choose a non-standard size appliance with a depth of 300 to 450 mm.

Important! The mass of one load of linen is 4.5 - 5.0 kg.

Small size compact machines allow you to place them under the sink. Here are the dimensions of this type of washing machine.

  • Height - 660-700 mm.
  • Depth - 430-350 mm.
  • Width - 400-510 mm.

Important! The mass of linen per load is 3 kg. The main plus of such machines is that for small-sized apartments and small-family dormitories, a washing machine under a sink 60 cm high makes it possible to rationally use the usable area.

If you plan to install a washing machine under the countertop of the kitchen table, choose a model with minimal vibration. A normal high-vibration washing machine can damage furniture. In addition, the tray for washing powder, even if it is fully extended, may turn out to be a completely hidden countertop. In other words, the standard conventional washing machine model is not designed for embedding.

Important! When planning the placement of this technique, use the practical ideas from our special review. “Where is the best place to put a washing machine?”.

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Choosing the best type of boot

Depending on the method of loading linen, there are machines with frontal and vertical loading:

  • The Frontalka is ideally suited for the kitchen room.
  • For a cramped bathroom, a device with a top, or vertical, load is suitable.In addition, this is a good option for people with a diseased spine (no need to bend down).
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How to evaluate the capabilities of the washing machine?

The quality of a modern washing machine is evaluated by the following parameters:

Each of the above parameters is evaluated by marking in Latin letters from A to G:

  • The best indicators are A. and B.
  • Marking C, D, E corresponds to the average.
  • Markings F, G are low indicators.

Important! Be sure to pay attention to the existence of such modes as “quick wash”, which will make it possible to save both water and electricity. The drying function is also useful. A stream of heated air dries the laundry, and the degree of drying can be different: from completely dry items to slightly moistened ones, for the convenience of ironing.

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What do you need to do before buying? - Some useful tips

Knowing the dimensions of the automatic washing machines, perform the following measurements before buying:

  1. Measure with a tape measure the place where you intend to place the device. It is necessary that a small margin be taken into account - at least a couple of centimeters.
  2. Measure the width of all doorways through which the washer is to be carried. This applies to the entrance, and entrance, and interior doors. If the width is clearly not enough, you have to temporarily remove the jambs.
  3. In the bathroom and in the kitchen, check if the pipes prevent the installation of a washer.

Important! Take measurements as carefully as possible so that you do not have to frantically change the purchased machine to a more compact device.

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The disadvantages of small washers

For owners of small-sized apartments, compact units are the only option to solve the problem of placing household appliances. However, you need to clearly understand what you are sacrificing by purchasing a small washing machine with a height of 70 cm or less.

So, the disadvantages of small-sized washers include:

  • Worst washing performance compared to standard models.
  • The worst spin quality compared to a full-size machine (the reason is the smaller drum size).
  • Shorter working life, less reliability.
  • The weight of linen per bookmark is about 3.5 kg. Standard machines wash at a time from 5 to 11 kilograms of laundry. For a family of two, this is not critical, but for a large family it is quite noticeable.
  • High price.

Important! Regardless of which model you prefer, its connection and installation must be performed very clearly and competently. Otherwise, the equipment can not only quickly fail and not perform its functions to the full, but also become unsafe for the user. It will be much easier to understand all the nuances if you look at the information in the articles:

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To choose the right home appliances, it is important not to go blindly about fashion. After all, the main goal is a good quality of washing. And this purchase is not for one day.

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