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In the modern market of household appliances, a wide variety of washing machines with various functions and capabilities are presented. Among the housewives, the LG washing machine with steam is very popular, which can significantly improve the quality of washing and get absolutely sterile linen without using any chemical agents. In this article, we will consider the features of household appliances with the steam cleaning function, as well as their main advantages.

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Why do I need the steam function in the washing machine?

The steam-generating technique is primarily intended for the disinfection of textiles. This effect is associated with the ability of high temperatures to kill most of the harmful microorganisms, fungi, unpleasant odors and allergens.

Important! Did you know that you can easily get around all the tricks of sellers of household appliances, even if you are not very versed in the characteristics and differences of the device. It is not necessary to blindly follow the information on the price tag. Each model of this brand has its own alphanumeric name, which contains all the information necessary for your competent choice. Read our post with decoding marking LG washing machines

In the process of washing:

  • The generated steam is fed into the drum of the machine using a special tube, the end of which is mounted above the surface of the loading hatch.
  • The steam generator located at the back of the washing machine evaporates the water entering it.
  • Steam can be supplied both during normal washing and when the special function for refreshing clothes is turned on, which is carried out without supplying water.
  • The incoming water vapor not only disinfects clothes, but also contributes to faster dissolution of the washing powder.
  • Regardless of the set water temperature during washing, a constant temperature of about 55 ° C is maintained when steam is supplied inside the drum.

Important! Initially, a washing machine with steam function was widely used only in the professional sphere - specialized laundries, hotel complexes, sanatoriums and clinics. However, today steam washing has become available for almost every housewife.

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Benefits of a Steam Washer

LG washing machine with steam function quickly gained popularity among housewives, because in practice it provides the owners with the following advantages:

  1. Improving the quality of washing. Under the influence of steam, contaminants are removed from the fabric surface much faster and easier. This effect is explained by a deeper penetration of small drops of water into textile fibers.
  2. Ease and speed of cleaning things. Thanks to the steam function, washing is much faster, which is advantageous if you have limited time for fees. Things from the washing machine get a little damp, and therefore quickly dry out at room temperature.
  3. Lack of bruises. High turns during normal washing lead to the inevitable formation of numerous wrinkles and bruises on the fabric surface. When using the steam cleaning function, you will remove neat linen from the drum that has not lost its shape and appearance. And some models have a special option. Easy Ironing.
  4. Energy Efficiency.The process of converting water to steam is much faster than heating the liquid to high temperatures. Accordingly - you provide yourself significant energy savings.
  5. Universality. The steam wash function can be used to clean delicate and delicate fabrics. Also, the steam cleaning mode does not lead to fading of the textile, which can happen in case of boiling or digestion.
  6. Disinfection. Using steam, not only dangerous microbes are removed from the surface of things, but also most allergens, which is very important when washing children's things.
  7. Low noise level. The developers of the LG washing machine with steam have taken care of reducing the sounds produced during washing. Quiet operation of the washing machine is ensured by the use of a direct drive, which significantly reduces vibration during the spin cycle and the risk of various malfunctions. One of the most popular models with such a device is LG Direct Drive.

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Lack of equipment

Like any appliance, a steam washing machine has several disadvantages that should also be taken into account in the process of acquiring a household appliance:

  1. Steam treatment is an excellent addition to the washing process, but cannot completely replace it. Steam is not able to cope with all the impurities, for example, the mistress will still have to trash the traces of blood and red wine.
  2. The relatively high cost of equipment, which makes it accessible only to the middle and fairly well-off sections of society. But in general, the position is quite logical. You can be convinced of this by the example of comparison with the technique of other well-established brands. As an option, we reviewed and analyzed“Samsung and LG washing machine - which is better?”.
  3. Even if you use steaming without water and detergent, then you need to dry things, as they remain slightly moist.

Important! There are models that perform steam washing, as well as units designed exclusively to refresh things. Therefore, before purchasing household appliances of this type, consult with the seller. You can also read more about the model you are looking at or choose the one that is ideal for you from our LG washing machine rating.

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Browse Popular Models

The production company LG represents a fairly large number of models in the modern home appliance market, the most popular of which are the following.


  • The LG F14B3PDS7 washing machine is equipped with a digital dashboard display and electronic control system.
  • The washing drum is designed for loading up to 8 kg of laundry with overall dimensions of 60x46x85 cm.
  • During the spinning process, the unit accelerates to 1400 rpm.
  • The color of the housing of the washing machine of this model is silver.
  • There are 14 built-in washing programs, among which special attention is paid to the function of steam supply and stain removal.
  • It is also worth noting the presence of a full range of equipment protection against leaks.

LG F1695RDH:

  • The model of the LG F1695RDH washing machine with steam function is designed to load 12 kg of laundry.
  • A distinctive feature of the equipment is the availability of automatic drying.
  • A high-tech unit performs independent weighing of linen, as well as calculating the amount of water needed during operation.
  • Convenience in operation is provided due to the presence of an integrated complex of protection against leaks and a self-diagnosis system.
  • Among 16 programs, special attention is paid to steam treatment and the function of self-cleaning the drum.


  • The LG F12U1HBS4 washing machine is equipped with a touch control system and enhanced functional capabilities.
  • A distinctive feature of the equipment is the presence of True Steam and TurboWash technologies, thanks to which the manufacturer was able to significantly reduce the duration of the main washing modes.
  • The unit is able to independently determine the load volume and, after analyzing the data, select the appropriate mode.
  • It is also worth noting that this model of a washing machine suggests the possibility of remote control using smartphone.
  • The equipment requires 14 built-in modes and has a maximum capacity of about 7 kg.

Important! You might also be interested in buying other equipment used to ease household chores -"Drying machines for linen".

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In this article, we told you about the features of LG steam washing machines and their main functions. We hope that modern household appliances will help make your life more comfortable.

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