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You won’t surprise anyone with a washing machine. They are very different, and many manufacturers are engaged in their release. A top-loading washing machine is an excellent option for a small room, because usually its width is 40-45 centimeters. It will be appropriate not only in a small apartment, but also for those people who want as much free space in their housing, and not clutter it with objects, albeit so necessary. Consider all the options, what can be a top-loading washing machine and how to choose it correctly.

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The height of standard vertical bars is 90 cm, width - 40 cm, depth - 60 cm. In some models, the height can be from 65 centimeters.

Such a device fits perfectly in the corner, since the hatch opens freely even with a small space. This characteristic is very important for apartments with a small bathroom, which does not physically fit a full-size car.

Important! Choosing a place for a washing machine is the least that needs to be done before connecting the equipment. It is necessary to carry out a number of necessary work. You can find out more about them in our separate reviews:

However, despite the fact that the washing machines with vertical loading are very small, it cannot be integrated into the kitchen set. Yes, and such a unit cannot be used like a nightstand, because the door opens upward. It is most convenient to unload linen from models in which the hatch reclines by at least 120 degrees.

Important! Vertical loading washers have not only smaller external dimensions, but also drum volume. But still, on average, you can load 4-7 kg of laundry into it.

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  • Of course, a top-loading washing machine is the best option for people with spinal problems or for an elderly person. In order to load a similar technique, you do not need to bend over.
  • Plus, we have already discussed the small dimensions and the possibility of placing such a unit even in a corner close to the wall.

Important! A machine with a vertical loading can be stopped during program execution and add forgotten things. You do not need to drain the water. It should be borne in mind that the washing cycle should be the initial one.

Important! Washing machines use various materials for making drums. Follow the link and find out all about washing machine drums.


  • Vertical machines are not equipped with additional rubber seals, since they do not have a plastic or glass manhole cover. Of course, this is a great advantage, since replacing a rubber ring means spending money. And even more money will have to be spent if the glass suddenly breaks.
  • The biggest drawback of the vertical model is the more expensive procurement and maintenance. In addition, in many models it is impossible to disassemble the container for washing powder, so it is difficult to wash.

Important! Top-loading machines feature a small hole for laying laundry. That is why problems can arise with overall linen: blankets, soft toys.

Important! After connecting the washing machine, you must first turn it on. To do this, read the instructions or read the information on our site of useful tips in a special review “The first wash in a new washing machine”.


  • Of course, the main feature is the location option of the hatch. Unlike front-loading units, the sunroof is located on top and not on the side. This is its advantage in the presence of a small room, where there is even nowhere to open the door.
  • Narrow washing machines with a width of 40 cm with a vertical loading are characterized by fewer modes. All processes are automatic: water is poured, drained, heated, the laundry is soaked, washed, rinsed, wrung out and dried.

Important! If we compare the technical equipment of these two versions of washing units, the main difference is the location of the bearings in relation to the drum. In the case of front loading, the place of their placement is the back, and with the front loading, the side parts. Therefore, the latter are equipped with two bearing assemblies. Experts believe that due to this, the unit becomes more reliable in operation. But these same nuances along with other features of the device affect washing machine weight.

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  • Such home helpers can be supercompact. The minimum width value is only 40 cm. Some models may be more overall.
  • These are units of the activator type, which are placed in rooms with a large area. Their depth is almost 70 cm, and their width is 72 cm.
  • In some models, the height can be very small - up to 70 cm, and in some - more than a meter.
  • Such washing machines have a standard loading capacity. One load holds 6-7 kg of linen. In some cases, this figure is 4-5 kg.

Important! The activator type washer is capable of washing more than ten kilograms of laundry in one cycle.

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Types of Control Panels

Before choosing which top-loading washing machine you need, pay attention to the type of control. He can be:

  • Electronic. Such machines are equipped with an electronic programmer (electronic control panel). From the hostess it is enough to choose a program, and adjustment of everything else is provided to the washer.
  • Mechanical. In this case, all washing parameters must be set manually. Switches are used to adjust the washing mode, water temperature and spin speed.
  • Electromechanical. In this case, the options listed above are combined. In such units there is an electronic panel and keys, with which you can select additional parameters.

Important! Vertical washing machines are distinguished by a more compact control panel, the location of which is a slight elevation behind the lid. This elevation comes with a slight slope, so the panel is clearly visible. On some models, it is possible to position the control panel in front of the hatch. To understand all the settings of the model being watched, read the detaileddecryption of icons on the control panel.

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Some buyers are sure that due to the small size of the control panel in the “verticals” they are less effective. In fact, in this case, additional functions and all modes also apply. In reality, in machines with such a panel, electronic-mechanical control with additional programming is most often implemented.


Most often, vertical washing machines have a standard set of programs designed for washing:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Synthetics
  • Thin tissue.

In addition, they are equipped with additional programs:

  • Delicate and hand wash;
  • Additional rinse;
  • Prewash;
  • Easy ironing.

This feature set is exactly the same as the popular front-loading washing machines.In this case, the control panel just looks a little different.

Spin and Dry Modes

Of course, a good housewife is interested in not only the washing mode, but the maximum spin speed, as well as drying.

Vertical washing machines differ in such a design that the spinning process is easier in them than in the front ones. The vertical can never spin at a high speed of 1800 or 2000 rpm. The highest speed is 1,400 rpm. But in practice it is known that even such a speed is enough for a good spin.

Important! The change of speed in a vertical washing machine occurs in increments of 100 revolutions, and in the frontal - in 200 revolutions.

Drying in such models is a rather rare occurrence. But if such models are dried, then evenly. But the total weight of the laundry should not exceed 2.5 kilograms.

Important! The cost of washing machines with a vertical load, in which there is a drying mode, is almost two times higher than that of models without it.

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Protection and self-diagnosis

Almost all modern models have leakage protection. It is clear that insurance for this case still exists, but let us consider in more detail how it works.

In washing machines, a brand-specific protection system is usually integrated. That is, both vertical and frontal, it will be the same. But here the difference arises in the protection system itself:

  • In units with vertical loading, protection is most often carried out on the housing. For this partial protection, double hoses are used, on which automatic shut-off valves are installed.
  • In addition, it is possible to use a float in the pan, with which the contacts in the drain pump are closed. If the machine has full protection, it means that it is equipped with both of these components, water control sensors and fill valve sensors.
  • Some washers have a built-in self-diagnosis system, thanks to which you can find out why the machine stopped working.

Important! Such a system is equipped with vertical loading washing machines, in which there is a display where the code of the cause of the malfunction is displayed.

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New technologies

It seems that top-loading washing machines have a fairly simple device, but they incorporate innovative technologies. Some models come with:

  • Brushless inverter motor. Its work is much quieter, more accurate programs can be used. In addition, the life of the device is extended.
  • Induction motor. Its design is simpler, but it is very reliable. In addition, it is equipped with acoustic panels that reduce noise.
  • Direct drive engine. It features compact dimensions, low noise and vibration. Moreover, with a lower power consumption, its operation is more efficient.
  • Steam generator. Thanks to him, the laundry is steamed, the fibers are straightened and care is facilitated.
  • Powder dispenser. With its help, you can determine the required amount of funds.

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Popular models

All manufacturers are trying to equip their models with modern technology. Consider the popular “verticals” of different brands.

AEG L57126TL

In the equipment of this model there is a button control and a text display. It features twelve washing programs, foam control and leakage protection. The maximum load is seven kilograms of laundry.

Follow the link and find out “Where are Bosch, LG, AEG washing machines assembled?”

Hotpoint-Ariston ARTXF 1297

This model is equipped with electronic control and digital display. It is equipped with ten washing programs, including a crease prevention program, balance control, foam control and leakage protection. You can load up to six kilograms of laundry.

Bosch WOT 24255OE

The machine with electronic control and digital display is equipped with ten automatic programs, including express washing and a program for delicate fabrics. 6.5 kg of laundry are loaded.

Whirlpool WTLS 60912 ZEN

There are five automatic programs in this machine. The process is controlled by electronic control and a digital display. A distinctive feature is the presence of an intelligent mode, thanks to which it is possible to create and save your own programs. Up to six kilograms of laundry is washed at a time.

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Stock footage

As you can see, top-loading washing machines are enormously diverse. But thanks to our recommendations, you can more accurately determine which model you need.

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