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Choosing a washing machine, the buyer can stumble in any store on a Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine. Almost all the owners of such equipment can not get enough of it, because it has a huge number of different advantages that set it apart in comparison with other washing devices. In the proposed article, we will understand all its positive and negative points and give a brief overview of the best model, according to consumers, because the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine is the collective name of the technology group.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Eco Bubble

According to experts, this type of washing machine is the most successful, along with other innovative models of this and other brands. First of all, this is due to the fact that it has much more advantages than its counterparts. Basically, these advantages are due to the many useful functions of the device.

Let's try to parse the main ones:

  • Eco Bubble in the washing machine is probably the best discovery of scientists in recent years. That is why we first note that the functions of the washing machine have the so-called “Bubble Generator” technology. Detergents, water and air are mixed in the device during this mode, thereby forming a large number of bubbles. Such a foam, unlike water, easily penetrates tissues and carefully cleans them. It is not even necessary to heat the water strongly, because the bubbles are enough and not hot water.
  • In addition to the bubble mode, there is also an ECO mode. This is also an undoubted advantage, because such a program significantly saves electricity.
  • There is a program that allows you to wash jeans in a quality manner without involving manual labor. During the operation of this mode, the jeans will not wear out for a long time.
  • Also among the programs there is one that allows you to gently and gently wash children's things. As a result, they will be soft, and the risk of allergies in the baby will be minimal.
  • The “Quick wash” function cleans clothes with slight damage in just 15-20 minutes. The result is high-quality and quick cleaning. Ideal for busy people.
  • A program that erases outerwear, with the help of its foam, protects outerwear from wear without damaging its upper moisture protective layer.
  • Also in the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine there is an addition that is ideal for families with a small child, and will save both equipment and a small family member. The function is called: “Lock (protection) from children”.
  • The most important thing, in the opinion of the owners of this model, is the almost complete absence of noise.

Important! Despite all these nice features, there are always some minor negative points. Some buyers in negative reviews (and there are very few) note some points:

  • Some small things remain in the rubber.
  • A small number of people complain of smell.
  • High price. Not everyone will be able to afford such high-quality equipment; in some cases it is necessary to save up for it.

There are those who do not see the difference from washing “with bubbles”, but in most cases this is due to improper use of the machine.

Important! Modern washing machines can perform many functions, and the function of drying clothes in the washing machine is no exception. Follow the link and find out how it works dryer machine. And if you prefer to dry your clothes in the old proven way, then pick best clothes dryer.

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Eco Bubble Technology

According to the word “Bubble” in the title it is clear that washing is based on bubbles. At the beginning of washing, a lot of such bubbles accumulate, and they form a foam of water and detergents. In this bubble surface, the powder is dissolved equally uniformly. This consistency evenly and gently cleans clothes, penetrating into them tens of times faster.

Important! At the end of the rinse, the fabric remains perfectly clean, there will be no unpleasant stains on it, as in an ordinary washing machine, because after rinsing, some housewives of standard machines observe this picture.

Important! Eternal competitors in the technology market are Samsung and LG. Our separate review will help you understand. “Which washing machine is better - Samsung or LG?”.

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Unique drum - another innovation

Additionally, protection is provided by a special drum from the Samsung Eco Bub washing machine with a design called Diamond Drum. The surface of such a drum has small holes, and the design itself resembles a honeycomb. In our separate article we described the car in detail Samsung Diamond 6 kg.

In the recesses of the drum, water accumulates, providing protection to delicate fabrics, protecting it from touching the drum itself. Ultimately, with minimal contact with clothes, the drum will not wear out for a long time, and this affects the life of the washing machine itself.

Important! Still not decided on a washing machine? On our site of useful tips you will find a lot of information about other washing machines, here are some of them:

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The quality of things after washing Samsung with Eco Bubble technology

The result of washing all family members are satisfied. Things after washing always remain soft and really clean, like on the first day of purchase. The owners of such a machine say that this technique is worth the money.

Important! A washing machine is a technique that is chosen for many years. How not to overpay and buy reliable equipment? Our separate review will help you choose a device.“Rating of washing machines by quality and reliability”.

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Review WF0804Y8N Eco Bubble

SAMSUNG has a selection of many washing machines with this technology. Let's try to consider one of them - WF0804Y8N:

  • She can load no more than 7 kg.
  • The size is 85x60x55 cm.
  • Has 15 programs.

The remaining models are not much different from each other. Mostly, it is also the number of programs, sizes and capacity of the drum.

Important! All well-known brands have their own production facilities in various countries. When buying reliable equipment, find out where are washing machines assembled.

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Stock footage

In conclusion, I must say that the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine is not in vain called the machine of the future, because this is a completely new high-quality way to clean clothes. Now he can not afford everyone, but we repeat - this machine is worth the money.

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