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A device for drying laundered laundry occupies a very special place among household appliances. According to some housewives, these are excellent helpers in the household. Others - quite sincerely wonder why this unit is needed, which takes up a lot of space. Let’s try to figure out why a clothes dryer is needed at all, who should purchase a “dryer”, its advantages and disadvantages.

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Who needs a tumble dryer?

The problem of high-quality drying of linen is familiar to many firsthand. There are quite a few reasons:

  • small area of ​​the apartment;
  • frequent washing;
  • increased humidity in the room makes caring for things a rather time-consuming task;
  • hanging clothes on the street or on the balcony is not always convenient - the rain, which started suddenly, can wet the clothes and nullify all efforts associated with washing.

The purchase of a tumble dryer solves all these problems. So, in which case is this unit desirable, and even necessary?

  • Small apartment. Now you do not have to carve out a place on the balcony, kitchen or in the bathroom to dry clothes. You can forget about the nightmare associated with wet sheets and clothesline. Only an hour of operation of the appliance - and the laundry is dried to a state optimal for ironing.
  • The apartment does not have a balcony. Sometimes in multi-storey buildings a balcony is not provided for by the project. If you purchase a drying unit, you do not need to think about where to hang freshly washed laundry.
  • Frequent laundry. Some housewives complain that they have to postpone the next wash, as things just do not have time to dry out. The drying machine of the modern sample dries from 3 to 8 kg of linen within an hour. This is especially true for large families.

Now you can forget about the problems associated with drying clothes and home textiles. All things will always be at hand in perfect condition. An alternative that is also worth considering is washer-dryer.

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Classification, principle of operation

To choose the right technique, you need to know at least as a first approximation how the unit works. Today, two types of devices for drying clothes are presented on the home appliance market.

Drying ovens

A drying cabinet is a box on which sheets are placed in piles. The camera is turned on and dry air is introduced into it. As a result, evaporation of moisture occurs.

Important! Cars of this type are relatively inexpensive, but are not in great demand due to their large size.

Drum machines

Outwardly, they resemble an ordinary front-loading washing machine: there is a hatch and a control panel. Drying also occurs with hot air, but not on shelves, but in a rotating drum.

Compared with a drying cabinet, this unit works much faster.

Important! Some models are equipped with special blades that prevent things from stumbling. This contributes to uniform drying of textiles.

In turn, drum dryers are divided into two types.


When dried, they remove moisture-saturated air to the outside. Install such devices at the hood or at the window.


Hot air is discharged into a special compartment. Condensate collects in the tank.The air is heated with the help of a heating element and is again fed into the machine.

Important! Condensation type machines are in high demand due to the ease of maintenance and operation.

Think in advance about the desired dimensions of the equipment and how to place it. You may find our instruction manual useful. installing a tumble dryer on a washing machine.

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Dryer Benefits

Like all types of household appliances, a tumble dryer has its pros and cons.


Its benefits include:

  • Quick drying of clothes, without the hassle associated with hanging it.
  • The tumble dryer dries textiles to the optimum moisture level. There is no risk of overdrying things. And that means - ironing is greatly simplified.
  • With forced evaporation of water, a slight smoothing effect is observed. Some things do not need to be ironed after drying.
  • The presence of a large number of modes makes it possible to choose the optimal one.

Advantages of Drying Ovens

Separately, the advantages of drying cabinets should be highlighted:

  • The ability to dry all things, even shoes.
  • Things are dried out gradually, in a gentle mode, do not lose their shape and do not crease.
  • Large capacity. In the closet you can place all the washed clothes without labor and effort.
  • Stylish appearance. A drying cabinet, in spite of some cumbersomeness, can become an interior decoration and will fit into it very organically.

Important! You should not think that buying a drying unit will immediately solve all the problems associated with drying and ironing textiles. For example, clothing of complex cut must be ironed separately.

Are there any downsides?

Of course, there are drawbacks to this technique:

  • Fairly high cost.
  • The need for space for a tumble dryer.
  • When choosing programs, you need utmost care.

Important! These shortcomings apply to both drying cabinets and drum machines.

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Principles of the choice of drying equipment

So, you have decided that you need such a purchase. In order for the choice to be conscious and thoughtful, it is necessary to understand the most important characteristics of the technique. In the end, to save money, you can purchase a washing machine with a drying function. But the quality of drying textiles will be much worse. Now consider the selection criteria in more detail.


You need to choose a device according to its characteristics, focusing on its needs. It is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The load volume of linen. The most popular models can dry from 6 to 8 kg of laundry in one load. There are units that have a smaller or larger load.

Important! Choose your equipment so that when loading the dryer the machine does not remain half empty.

  • The amount of electricity consumed. It depends on how much more you will pay for electricity. Category A and B devices are desirable.
  • Power. Naturally, the more powerful the appliance, the faster it dries the laundry. But make sure that your wiring can withstand the load.
  • Drum rotation method: one way or both alternately. The second type of machine is equipped with blades that prevent knocking down of textiles. This type of machine is preferable. The load on the motor is less, and the unit will last longer.
  • The method of draining the water and the presence of a tank fill indicator. More preferred are condensation type machines.

Having carefully analyzed these indicators, you can choose for yourself the option that is most suitable and will allow you to avoid unjustified expenses.

Tumble dryer: additional functionality

A set of additional functions does not significantly affect the operation of the device. But they make working with the unit more comfortable. Here are the most common and requested additional features that a good tumble dryer can have:

  • The presence of filters, ease of cleaning. Filters (one or several) trap wool, debris, small fibers.It is essential that the filter is easy to remove and easy to clean.
  • Management method. You can configure the modes in manual or electronic modes. They are almost equivalent. Choose the one that is more familiar and convenient for you. A good bonus is the presence of a display, which indicates that the drying process is over.
  • The presence of the required number of modes. It is convenient if the owner can choose not only the type of fabric to be dried, but also the residual moisture. Even better if there is a light ironing effect.
  • Ventilation. A very useful feature. You can refresh things without resorting to washing. Airing is carried out by supplying air at room temperature to the machine.
  • Additional options: protection against turning on by children, backlight, button lock during operation, delayed switching on. These functions make it possible to avoid an unforeseen situation.

Choosing a high-tech expensive device is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to assess your needs and study all the characteristics. Then such routine work as drying and ironing laundered laundry will cease to be an eternal nightmare. A tumble dryer guards your comfort.

Important! Remember that when caring for clothes, it is important to follow the rules of washing, and they differ for different fabrics. Detailed recommendations for each of the most popular materials for sewing clothes today can be found in the articles:

  1. How to wash knitwear?
  2. How to wash microfiber?
  3. How to wash flax?
  4. How to wash silk?

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Browse Popular Models

We give examples of the most productive and reliable “dryers”. Perhaps, it is impossible to single out the best model from the total mass, since choice is a subjective thing. The above list is based on expert ratings and customer reviews.

Bosch WTC 84102 OE (Poland):

  • Drum type machine.
  • The mass of the loaded laundry is up to 7 kg.
  • The machine is equipped with a multi-threaded drying system. This ensures gentle drying of the laundry.
  • There is a program with a gradual decrease in the drying temperature. There is no display.

Asko DC 7583S (Sweden):

  • Innovative drying cabinet with dimensions of 1800 * 600 * 640 mm.
  • There is a compartment for drying shoes.
  • With compact dimensions, the cabinet is quite roomy.
  • Things are dried flattened, so they do not wrinkle.
  • According to the manufacturer, the closet includes as many things as they fit on a 16-meter rope.

Siemens WT46S (Poland):

  • Good condensation type clothes dryer.
  • It includes up to 8 kg of washed items.
  • There are a large number of drying modes for different types of fabrics.
  • The presence of a display greatly simplifies management.

Gorenje D 844 BH (Slovenia):

  • Drum type machine with loading up to 8 kg.
  • There is no display.
  • The appliance is equipped with steam drying modes and humidity control.
  • There is an electronic drying control function.
  • There is the possibility of programming a delayed start.
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Stock footage

Tumble dryers are another step towards mechanizing and automating routine homework. The most important thing is to choose the unit that would suit you in all respects.

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