TOP best front-loading washing machines

A washing machine is an indispensable tool for any housewife. Along with a refrigerator and a TV, consumers buy this type of equipment in the first place. Most people, choosing this household appliance, hope to get a reliable, high-quality and optimal model for their budget. This is a long-term purchase, so many choose a washing machine with special responsibility. To make it easier for you to make the right choice, we present to you in this article the TOP of the best front-loading washing machines.

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Criterias of choice

In order not to waste money and get a really high-quality household appliance, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Type of download. It can be vertical or frontal. If you have a small bathroom, then it is better to give preference to the first type, since these devices have smaller sizes. In all other cases, the front models are much more convenient and familiar, and they have more functions.

Important! However, it should be borne in mind that, as a rule, such models are more expensive.

  • Volume. This is probably one of the most important criteria on which the amount of laundry that can be washed at a time will depend. The optimal capacity for a family of a couple of people is considered to be about 5 kg, and the average figure is 3-7 kg. Do not forget that the larger the drum, the larger the unit.
  • Type of management. The first option is mechanical, it is carried out by rotary mechanisms, with which you yourself choose the washing time, temperature. The second is electronic, it saves time, and also expands the possibilities (for example, remembering the most optimal washing characteristics for you).
  • Energy efficiency. It is preferable to choose equipment with a consumption class of A and above (A +, A ++, etc.). This will provide an opportunity to save energy costs.
  • The number of modes. It all depends on your personal preferences. If you often wash materials with completely different characteristics, then the presence of many options will greatly facilitate your task. Typically, the machine uses several important modes, for example, cotton, quick wash, synthetics, delicate.
  • Additional features. The built-in clothes dryer is a very useful option, which makes it possible to get clean and dry clothes after using the appliance. The display will allow you to monitor emerging problems, the remaining time. And features such as protection against children, overflow and leaks will make the use of technology completely safe.

We compared more than a hundred modern models and compiled our rating of the top 10 front-loading washing machines, where the main selection criteria were:

  • The optimal ratio of functionality, price and quality.
  • Popularity and number of purchases.
  • Number of positive and negative reviews.
  • Convenience of operation - profitability, capacity, noise level.
  • Reliability - the actual service life, the number of warranty claims.
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Rating of narrow washing machines

Narrow can be called models with a depth of 45 cm. Such machines are bought for very small bathrooms, in which every centimeter counts.

Important! It is necessary to take into account the fact that narrow washers are able to hold not so much linen.

LG F-1296ND3

The quietest narrow washing machine in our ranking was LG F-1296ND3:

  • When washing the device gives out only 53 dB.
  • Another distinguishing characteristic is a higher spin class, V.
  • The model has a good linen capacity of 6 kg and an economical class A ++.
  • In terms of functionality, the device is also among the leaders, there are: protection against children, prewash, an economical program, a program for washing sportswear, a program to prevent creasing.
  • Removable cover, which makes it possible to install the device under the countertop.
  • The machine has a direct drive, that is, the motor is connected directly to the drum. This reduces the risk of breakdown of the unit.

Country: Republic of Korea (assembly in Russia).


In second place in our rating of narrow washing machines, the HOTPOINT-ARISTON RST 703 DW, one of the best-selling models in the line of this company, deservedly turned out to be:

  • For a relatively low cost, the user receives a roomy unit of 7 kg and the most economical class A +++.
  • The model consumes only 0.13 kWh / kg.
  • It is also worth noting the presence of a child protection function, direct injection function, an economical program.

Country: Italy (assembly in Russia).

LG F-1096SD3

The machine machine LG F-1096SD3 is the best narrow model according to experts:

  • The depth reaches only 36 cm, while the volume of the drum is 4 kg.
  • One of the advantages is the electronic control, which gives quick and convenient access to all the necessary programs.
  • Among the modes are: washing sports, children's clothing, delicate types of fabrics and even down products.
  • Thanks to the delayed start option, you can wash things at a convenient time for you.
  • High energy efficiency class will save energy costs.

Country: Republic of Korea.

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Rating of spacious washing machines

For large families (from four people), the most optimal solution is to buy a spacious washing machine, with a depth of 50 cm.

Important! Similar models can hold 8-12 kg of linen.


A good front-loading washing machine from this manufacturer is appreciated for its highly reliable performance. This model implements everything that should be in a high-quality household appliance, namely:

  • Surge protection.
  • Complete leakage protection.
  • A Wavedrum drum that provides uniform wetting of laundry.
  • Direct injection, due to which there is an economical distribution of liquid detergents.
  • The best energy class is A +++, in which the unit consumes only 0.1 kWh / kg.
  • The noise level is only 51 dB.
  • The device will definitely please the user with a list of programs: a mode to prevent creasing, a mode for washing delicate types of fabrics, a program for washing sportswear, and a mode for heavily soiled laundry.


The following model from the famous Samsung brand is an excellent example of the best modern developments:

  • The device got into our TOP of the best front-loading washing machines due to its functionality: double rinse mode, drying clothes, a unique drum cleaning, the ability to adjust the temperature.
  • Another advantage of the washer is its safety. There is a leakage protection function, foam control and a child lock.
  • But the most important argument is capacity. At one time, the appliance can wash 8 kg of laundry, and dry it - 6 kg.
  • Touch control.
  • Beautiful appearance.

Important! Of the shortcomings, one can only note the high cost.

Country: Republic of Korea.


Also in our rating of roomy models was a premium automatic machine ASKO W8844 XL W:

  • The quietest model in our review - it gives out only 45 dB in the washing mode.
  • Capacity - 11 kg.
  • Most users noted the high quality of washing and the excellent design of Asko.
  • Spin does not cause any complaints.
  • It is also worth noting the presence of leakage protection, the material of the stainless steel tank and the overall high reliability of the device.

Country: Sweden.

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Rating of washing machines with dryer

Models with built-in dryers cost significantly more than conventional washing machines. At its core, these are 2 in 1 appliances - after washing, the laundry can only be ironed. The function will be especially useful in cold weather, when there is no way to dry things on the street.

Important! In addition to the high price, such washers have another drawback - drying leads to fairly rapid wear of the laundry. Due to exposure to high temperatures, the fibers of the material thin out quickly. Also, the housewives do not like the fact that after drying things from some fabrics, for example, flax, it is difficult to iron them. But this is all personal preference.


This model was included in our rating of good front-loading washing machines because of its availability:

  • The appliance will not be able to please with a unique design or a wide selection of washing programs, but otherwise it is an excellent washer dryer.
  • The model has a shallow depth (41-45 cm), while it is able to accommodate 6 kg of laundry for washing and 4 kg for drying.
  • Most users liked the high spin speed, stability, small size and relatively low price.

Country: Italy.


Another washer with dryer took a place in our ranking - this is SIEMENS WD 15H514:

  • The device consumes only 0.1 kWh / kg.
  • In the washing mode, the machine emits only 46 dB - it works very quietly and without vibration.
  • In terms of functionality and innovative solutions, the model is not inferior to its competitors: there is a function of automatic stain removal, a program to prevent creasing, convenient touch control and the ability to set the required humidity level.
  • The drum is backlit and made of stainless steel.

Important! High cost is perhaps the only drawback.

Country: Germany (manufactured in China).

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Rating of embedded washing machines

Built-in washers are designed to maintain a unified kitchen interior design. Such devices can be freely placed under the countertop, and smaller models can even be installed under the sink. The front part of the built-in car, as a rule, is closed by a furniture door.

ASKO W6984 ​​FI

One of the most functional models in our rating is ASKO W6984 ​​FI:

  • The built-in washer has a capacity of up to 8 kg, is distinguished by its convenient intelligent control and modern stylish appearance.
  • The case is made of high strength material, which ensures a long service life.
  • High class power consumption (A ++) is another advantage of the model.
  • In addition, the machine is equipped with many useful programs, for example, super rinse, soak, stain removal.
  • The tank is completely made of stainless steel.

Country: Sweden.


The most economical model of built-in washers:

  • Energy class A ++.
  • A distinctive feature of the device was the direct drive of the drum, which makes it quieter and more reliable - a noise level of 52 dB.
  • There is complete protection against leaks, direct injection function, protection against children, as well as a wide range of washing modes.

Country: Sweden.

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Thus, we presented to your attention the TOP of the best front-loading washing machines according to experts and users. We hope that the material in our article will help you with a difficult choice, and as a result, you will be able to purchase a high-quality and reliable device that will last you for many years.

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