Icons on the washing machine

The most common problem that occurs immediately after acquiring a washing machine is a lot of unknown designations. Typically, manufacturers try to make the control panel as simple and accessible as possible for each consumer, but most users do not immediately manage to deal with all its functions. In this article we will tell you what the icons on the washing machine mean.

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Basic signs and symbols

All symbols printed on the dashboard of a modern washing machine can be divided into 4 main groups.

First group

The first group of signs on the washing machine includes the symbols for the progress of the washing process:

  • prewash;
  • normal mode;
  • rinsing;
  • extra rinse;
  • draining;
  • spin;
  • drying;
  • end of work.

Important! Depending on which of the indicators is highlighted at the moment, you can draw conclusions about the washing stage and find out which process the machine is currently performing.

Second group

This category of washing machine icons includes mode indicators, each of which is intended for products from a certain type of fabric. The main difference between the work programs of the household appliance is the temperature barrier, as well as the frequency and intensity of the drum speed.

Important! Before choosing a particular washing mode, be sure to check the information on the labels of things and specify decoding of badges on clothes.

Most often, such devices can work in the following modes:

  • cotton;
  • synthetics;
  • wool;
  • silk;
  • jeans.

Third group

This system contains mode symbols that the user can use at his own discretion:

  • handwash;
  • spots;
  • delicate fabrics;
  • night cycle;
  • economical washing;
  • intensive washing;
  • Kids' things;
  • curtains;
  • hygiene items;
  • quick wash.

On different displays you can find additional symbols like “rinse with softener” or “hold rinse”. This is due to the features of the functional base of a particular technique. The standard designations on all machines have the same meaning.

Important! Manufacturers of all countries are trying to add at least one more icon to this group, and therefore the capabilities of modern models are growing with each new model. It is by increasing the functionality of household equipment that manufacturers are trying to break ahead in the fight against competitors.

Fourth group

Additional functions can be attributed to a separate group of indicators. On the panel, each of the additional features of the model you selected is represented by a separate button, by clicking on which you activate its application.

The following keys are usually located on the additional features panel:

  • reduced washing time;
  • reduction in the number of revolutions;
  • foam control;
  • crush resistance;
  • more water.

Important! In each machine, it is possible to choose the washing temperature, the number of revolutions of the drum, as well as many different washing modes for your items.

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Icons on Indesit washing machine

Most models of washing machines, regardless of their manufacturer, have almost 90% of the same functions.However, the units differ in the designations on the control panel and the features of the built-in functionality.

In washing machines from the Indesit manufacturing company, logical marking of modes and functions is common:

  • the washing program for synthetic fabrics is depicted as a wide-bottom chemical flask;
  • You can activate the work with cotton fabrics with the help of the button, where the opened box of cotton is depicted.

To wash delicate fabrics, you need to set the handle on the image of the flower. Remember that the quality of washing and care for different materials depends on how well you choose laundry detergent.

Important! Also, intuitively, you can recognize the icons on the Indesit washing machine, which indicate other types of fabrics. For example, curtains - half the curtains, wool - a ball of thread, jeans - a picture of pants.

Many modern Indesit models also have a number of additional features:

  • the economical washing mode is symbolized by a wood pattern;
  • easy ironing - with an iron;
  • Superfast wash - watch dial.

Important! To select an additional function, press the button next to which a rectangle with a checkmark is drawn.

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Designations on the Bosh washing machine

On the control panel of the Bosch brand washing machines are all the standard keys that indicate the following actions:

  • start;
  • main modes;
  • additional programs.

Important! The iron pattern on the key indicates the easy ironing function. A basin with a wavy line in its upper part is the use of large amounts of water. An empty basin is a quick wash program.

A distinctive feature of the units from this production company is the presence of a separate switch, which allows you to select the speed of the drum.

Important! The denser the fabric and the greater its pollution, the greater the number of revolutions you need to choose. However, it is worth remembering that with a large number of turns during the washing process, delicate fabrics can be damaged.

There is also a separate category of signs on the Bosh washing machine for choosing the temperature regime, which depends on the type of fabric:

  • patterned t-shirts - synthetics;
  • Women's nightgown - delicate materials;
  • a basin with a hand lowered into it and a skein of wool - hand wash, as well as work with woolen products;
  • T-shirt, T-shirt and underwear in the picture - a program for cotton

Important! Remember that the durability of any equipment depends on safety precautions. In this case, it is fundamentally important to protect against power outages and the poor quality of tap water. This will help you:

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Samsung washing machine icons

The technology of the Samsung manufacturing company has standard designations for washing modes:

  1. A pelvic icon will indicate a preliminary or main program.
  2. A basin filled with water means rinsing.
  3. The spin function is indicated by the spiral pattern.
  4. T-shirt and soap bubble designate function Eco Bubble.
  5. The badge with a T-shirt, which has a dark right lower edge, indicates an intensive wash mode.
  6. A basin with a horizontal wavy line indicates the soaking function.

A lot of devices from this manufacturer are equipped with additional functionality. Each of the special options is activated by pressing one of the following buttons:

  • castle with a smiling face - protection from children.
  • watch dial icon - delayed start.
  • Eco tank cleaning - badge with drum and curly rhombus.
  • crossed out speaker image - mute function.
  • a light on the display indicates that the door is locked.

Important! The Bosch washing machine control panel displays the user-selected washing temperature, time, spin speed and the number of rinses.

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Icons on the Zanussi washing machine

The control panel of the Zanussi washing machine uses generally accepted conventions. Manufacturers of washing machines of other brands also depict cotton as an opened cotton box, synthetics as a chemical flask with a wide bottom, spinning is presented in the form of a twisting spiral, washing of delicate fabric - a flower, woolen product - a ball of wool.

Important! In washing machines of this brand, there is also an icon with a crossed-out spiral, which means that the no-spin mode is activated. Cold wash is usually depicted as a basin with a snowflake inside.

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Icons on the LG washing machine

The latest LG brand washing machines are equipped with an intuitive and extremely simple control panel. It uses a lot of inscriptions in Russian and a minimum of obscure notation.

In recent years, every manufacturer has been striving to add a new icon, unique to him, to the control panel. With the rapid increase in the number of washing functions and modes, the number of symbols also increases on the program panel. In order to understand them and use them correctly, it is necessary to carefully study the user manual included with the new equipment.

Important! In addition to the icons that we mentioned earlier, in each washing machine of the LG brand, you can choose the washing temperature and the number of revolutions of the drum.

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In this article, we talked about the popular signs of washing machines from various manufacturers. We hope that our advice will help you, and the new technique, when used correctly, will bring joy and pleasure for a long time.

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